On the Frankie Boyle show, the BBC formally rejects 1300 allegations about comedians who made jokes about killing white people



The BBC has officially rejected more than 1,000 allegations about a comedian who on Frankie Boyle’s show “killing white people” made jokes about “New World Order.”

In the episode, which aired in September, objections to Sophie Duker’s innuendo entered Stage 2 of the BBC’s complaint process with the independent Executive Complaints Unit, but were not upheld.

In an interview in the 1970s, Ms. Duker replied to a clip of the black author James Baldwin debating the notion of black power.

Ms. Duker indicated that the ideas of “black power and white power” were patriarchal stereotypes that are “so prevalent today.” discussing the video in question.

She said, “As if white power is Trump Tower. When we say we want to kill white people, we don’t really want to kill white people,” she said, but then quickly said, “We do,” adding, “Not today,” which the other panelists were laughing at.

“Whiteness is a capitalist structure, it benefits itself. It harms white people, it harms non-black people, it harms black people, but yet [there’s] this kind of fear of a black alternative and it’s these rhetorics [that]are pitted against each other, this extreme capitalist rhetoric of supremacy.”White is a structure of capitalism, it benefits itself. It hurts white people, it hurts non-black people, it hurts black people, but yet [there is]this kind of fear of a black alternative and it is these rhetorics [that]are pitted against each other, this supremacy of extreme capitalist rhetoric.

Dozens of individuals have also protested to Ofcom, the broadcast authority, in addition to the complaints to the BBC.

In the midst of widespread media attention, Ms. Duker’s statement raised the wrath of several quarters of the press and about 1,300 individuals – including Sarah Vine, who complained in the Daily Mail that the comment was “putrid nonsense” suggesting support for a “hateful dogma.”

“Julia Hartley-Brewer, host of TalkRadio, chimed in, saying, “This is terrible. It’s not only unfunny, it’s Marxist drivel, incoherent, nonsensical.

“The white contributors nodding in agreement while this woman makes jokes about killing people who look like her is just sick.”

The president of the Bow Group, Britain’s oldest conservative think tank, Ben Harris-Quinney, who drew attention to the Twitter comments, said, “This is not comedy, this is racist, Marxist, incitement to violence, at a time when that kind of violence is spreading throughout the West.” ”

The BBC refused to clarify the reasons for its ruling.

But it said in a statement, “The New World Order of Frankie Boyle aired after 10pm and its content meets the expectations of the audience for a topical, satirical, after-hours show from a comedian whose style and tone are well established.”

Frankie presents a variety of subjects for discussion each week on the show, and this episode was no different. The remarks of the panelists were in response to a motion written and delivered in accordance with the tone and style of the show.

“Sophie Duker is a talented comedian and a regular panelist on Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, and we look forward to continuing to work with her at the BBC.”

The dispute comes only a few weeks after Tim Davie, the new director general of the BBC, vowed to counter left-wing bias in his comedy programming to “restore trust and confidence” among the public in the company.

A few days after it aired and the remarks, criticism about the show escalated, and she says she was soon the object of online and threats and the focus of newspaper columns.

Ms. Duker said afterwards, adding, “It became clear that if someone is projecting bile at you, there’s probably a sickness deep inside,” “It was a harsh wake-up call to the toxicity of the media, but now I could care less.”

The comedian Katherine Ryan, who called her a “genius.” was among those who endorsed Ms. Duker.

She wrote on Twitter: “Sophie Duker is a genius (and some will never *understand* the ironic portrayal of a position), but notice that the only people who are mad at her are also fresh from being mad about a dance.”


Reportedly, the new director general claims that the station’s shows are deemed too one-sided and require a drastic overhaul.

Instead of only making fun about conservatives, the idea calls on BBC program creators to find a better balance between the goals of the shows.

It should also allow those hosting comedy panel shows to


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