On ITV’s Tipping Point, the Tipping Point beauty diverts viewers’ attention with an unusual fashion choice.


On ITV’s Tipping Point, the Tipping Point beauty distracts viewers by wearing an unusual outfit.

Fans of ITV’s hit quiz show Tipping Point were left speechless on Thursday when they noticed a “gorgeous” player dressed in an unusual 80s outfit.

During Thursday’s episode of the ITV quiz show, Tipping Point viewers were distracted by one particular contestant’s unusual fashion choice.

Ashleigh, the player in question, was competing with Eileen, Mike, and Greg to see who could answer the most questions and retrieve the most counters from the Tipping Point machine.

However, viewers were distracted by Ashleigh’s stunning looks – and retro dress – while she was busy fending off questions from host Ben Shephard.

With her hair tumbling down her shoulders, the blonde beauty wore a silky lilac gown with huge puff sleeves, reminiscent of a bygone 80s era – and made fans think of stars from the latter half of the twentieth century.

“Ashleigh is pretty!” exclaimed one Twitter user.

“Has Ashleigh been auditioning for Dallas or Dynasty?” one fan joked, while another pondered, “Is Ashleigh off to the ball after Tipping Point?”

“Everyone is rooting for Ashleigh!” exclaimed another.

“I can’t remember ever seeing bigger [sleeves]even in the 1980s,” one observer observed.

Someone else exclaimed, “Ashleigh had such a beautiful face!”

But it wasn’t meant to be, as Ashleigh was eliminated after the second round, leaving Eileen and Greg to compete in the final head-to-head.

Fans were quick to express their disappointment, with one writing, “Taxi for Ashleigh who didn’t have a lovely day!”

In the end, it was Eileen who triumphed, promising Ben that she would use the funds to treat her 50-year-old husband to a special anniversary treat.

Ben asked, laughing, “I bet it’s been 50 years of bliss, hasn’t it, Eileen?”

She intended to take her husband, Aubrey, on a cruise to commemorate their anniversary.

It comes after Ben was forced to intervene during a recent episode of Tipping Point because one of the contestants couldn’t seem to drop her counters.

Colette appeared to be having difficulties with the classic arcade game, and Ben had to give her hints on how to release her counters at one point.

But he didn’t seem too bothered, sympathizing with Colette when her counters turned out to be riders, that is, counters who sat on top of others rather than assisting in the push.

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