On his deathbed, a Covid victim said, “I wish I had gotten vaccinated.”


On his deathbed, a Covid victim said, “I wish I had gotten vaccinated.”

With his last words, a man who died of Covid-19 told nurses and physicians, “I wish I had gotten vaccinated.”

Glenn Barrett, 51, was hospitalized for weeks due to coronavirus but died after being put into an induced coma. His distraught friends and family believe that if he had been vaccinated, he would have had a much better chance of surviving.

Despite having his spleen removed after a motorcycle accident a few years ago, Glenn declined the offer of shots.

He informed nurses before he went into a coma that he wished he had got the vaccine, according to Grimsby Live.

“Glenn had his worries and reasons for not getting the jabs, but he had no spleen and no immune system to help fight any infections, but he did express to the nurses before slipping into an induced coma that he wished he had,” said Ken Meech, Glenn’s saddened cousin.

“He would still be with us now if he had.

“After spending time with my family and friends, we believe his chances would have been far greater if he had” (taken the vaccines).

“Losing my cousin is one of the darkest occasions of my life.”

Be cautious and protect yourself, my friends and family, for this virus isn’t going away.

Glenn Barrett’s cousin, Ken Meech

Glenn, from Grimsby, may have contracted Covid while watching England face Croatia in a Euro 2020 qualifying match last month, according to his family.

Glenn, a gentle giant standing over 6ft 3in tall, had been watching the game with a group of friends at the Old Clee Club in Grimsby.

Around seven people tested positive shortly after the match, according to reports, including a guy in his twenties who spent time in intensive care with Glenn at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in the town.

The Old Clee Club shuttered and was thoroughly cleaned, but those who were affected are reported to have mixed in other locations.

Neither Glenn nor the other man had taken advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated, but the other man is doing well.

“Thankfully, his friend is on the mend and has no underlying concerns, but he did have two periods on the ward,” Ken continued.

“I’m not a doomsayer or someone who tells you what to do or what not to do. We are, after all, supposed to live in a free society.

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