On GB News, Nigel Farage attacks BBC “propaganda” and promises to never “take the knee.”


On GB News, Nigel Farage attacks BBC “propaganda” and promises to never “take the knee.”

Nigel Farage criticizes BBC “propaganda” on GB News and vows to never “take the knee.”

NIGEL FARAGE swore to “never take the knee” after introducing his new prime-time TV show on GB News.

Nigel Farage has officially joined GB News, after hinting at a “significant career shift” earlier today. Mr. Farage will debut his own show on Monday at 7 p.m. in the prime time evening slot. Before launching his new venture, the former Brexit Party leader gave a tour of the GB News headquarters.

Mr Farage lambasted traditional broadcast media, such as the BBC, for “propaganda” during the video tour.

He admitted that the channel has received “some criticism” since its launch in June, as well as “one or two technical glitches.”

The former MEP insisted, “The necessity for this channel is really significant.”

Mr Farage continued, “They practically agree on everything across mainstream broadcast media in this country.”

“They ignore stories that need to be heard.”

He went on to say, “They are propaganda factories pushing a center-left agenda.” Everything will be different here.”

Mr Farage stated in a preview of his new show, “I’ve done a fair bit of broadcasting since politics, and broadcasting matters, it really, really does.”

“It stimulates people to think about challenges in fresh ways and has the potential to make a big difference.

“My YouTube videos have been viewed by millions of people, and I frequently explore topics that everyone else wants to avoid.”

“Moreover, I will not be kneeling for anyone on this show,” he added.

This was a jab at host Guto Harri, who made headlines last week by kneeling in front of the camera.

Mr. Harri made the gesture in support of the anti-racism demonstration by the England men’s football team.

Kneeling was a “unacceptable infraction of our regulations,” according to GB News, which eventually suspended the presenter.

GB News chairman Andrew Neil defended the station on Twitter on Wednesday, saying, “Startups are tight and combative.” GB News is no exception.

“However, the news channel is gaining traction and has a promising future.”

Keep a close eye on it.”

Mr Farage’s arrival is likely to help the channels reverse their ratings declines.


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