On Covid, Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to outwit Boris backfires: “The Sturgeon tactic has failed!”


On Covid, Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to outwit Boris backfires: “The Sturgeon tactic has failed!”

According to an expert, NICOLA STURGEON’S claimed plan of using Covid to score political points has failed.

Dr. Niall McCrae, a political pundit with the Bruges Group, believes Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus strategy to aid her political objectives has failed. Dr Niall McCrae, speaking to This website, stated that Ms Sturgeon sought to demonstrate that Scotland was more caring and capable than Boris Johnson’s Westminster government. He chastised her zero-Covid plan, insisting that she, like other leaders, has discovered that entirely eliminating coronavirus is “futile.”

“Sturgeon saw her huge chance to show how Scotland was more caring, more capable of dealing with a threat to people’s lives,” he said.

To demonstrate that Scotland was more capable of dealing with it than the rash penny-pinching Conservatives south of the border.

“Nicola Sturgeon’s dilemma was that she chose Devi Sridhar as one of her primary counselors.

“She’s a type of globalist professor who collaborated on a book with Chelsea Clinton in the past.

“Devi Sridhar was advocating for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP government to pursue a zero Covid approach.

“We realize, as do the Australians, that a zero Covid approach is quite pointless when you have borders with England and are so isolated from Europe’s mass population.

“At first, Sturgeon tried to do that.”

Dr. McCrae pointed out that the SNP’s approach did not prove to be as effective politically.

“That has all sort of backfired on Sturgeon,” he remarked.

“It has failed, despite all of her promises and the far more stringent lockdown that we have had in England.

“They have the same number of illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths as England or most European countries.

“It hasn’t proven to be the weapon of independence that Sturgeon had envisioned for Covid.

“It hasn’t provided her with the results she had hoped for.”

Dr. Niall concluded by highlighting some of the SNP’s political gains as a result of coronavirus.

“On the other hand, Covid has permitted her to have daily press conferences, which are essentially party political broadcasts,” he explained.

“As a result of this, the SNP was able to retain power in the Scottish Parliament elections; they do have a lot of public support.”


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