Olaf Scholz of Germany ‘doesn’t talk’ about the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline: ‘Unsurprising!’.


Olaf Scholz of Germany ‘doesn’t talk’ about the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline: ‘Unsurprising!’.

A European political analyst told This website that OLAF SCHOLZ, the man expected to become Germany’s next Chancellor, “doesn’t say much” about the Nord Stream 2 Russian gas project, calling his stance as “unsurprising.”

The Social Democrats (SPD), led by Germany’s current finance minister and vice-chancellor, won a close election to the Bundestag last month. His party came out on top of the Christian Democratic Union, which is led by outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Mrs Merkel did not run for re-election in the election, having already stated that she would not seek a fifth term in power.

Mr Scholz immediately began talks with the Greens alliance, which is in third place, and the liberal Free Democratic Party, which is in fourth position (FDP).

The SPD had expressed openness to collaborate with the Greens before to his election triumph.

However, there are concerns that the potential coalition partners are at odds over how to deal with Russia.

In recent days, the Greens, lead by Annalena Baerbock, have urged Mr Scholz to take a harsh position against Moscow over Nord Stream 2.

The construction of a gas pipeline to transport Russian gas from the Arctic to Germany is now underway.

The SPD’s and Mr Scholz’s positions on Nord Stream 2 are “interesting,” according to European political specialist John Callahan.

Mr Callahan is the Dean of New England College’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies. He formerly worked for the US State Department and in intelligence.

“Unsurprisingly, the SPD doesn’t talk much about it,” he remarked.

“They’re looking for fuel and getting it from the east,” he continued, “and they haven’t been as tough on Russia or China as the other parties have.”

Mr Scholz has stated that he is eager to complete work on the pipeline between Russia and Germany.

He has, however, come under fire from the Greens, who fear that Moscow would use Nord Stream 2 to exercise control over Europe.

There are also fears that the pipeline will harm Ukraine’s economy by diverting supplies away from the existing route through the nation, which Kiev claims will lose transit payments.

Mr Scholz sought to reassure European leaders by stating that Moscow has stated that the pipeline will not be used as a proxy weapon.

“Ukraine will remain a transit country, and that is something we will assure,” he stated last month.


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