‘Oh my gosh, what is that?’ says Kate Middleton after she sees a ‘dead body.’


‘Oh my gosh, what is that?’ says Kate Middleton after she sees a ‘dead body.’

According to a rediscovered report, KATE MIDDLETON was shocked when she was forced to stare at a ‘dead’ body.

According to a royal analyst, Kate and her husband Prince William, both 39, spent the Bank Holiday weekend with the Queen. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to have traveled to the monarch’s Scottish residence, Balmoral. George, eight, Charlotte, six, and Louis, three, were claimed to have gone walking, fishing, horseback riding, and cycling with William and Kate.

According to Vanity Fair’s Royal Correspondent Katie Nicholl, the visit was the first time the entire family had traveled together since Prince Philip’s death in April.

“They always like traveling up to Balmoral, they love the outdoors and walking in the hills and spending quality together with family,” a source told her.

“It’s where William spent a lot of his boyhood, and it’s essential to him that his children see what he saw when he was a kid.”

Kate is used to the public duties that come with being a member of the Firm, as well as travelling on royal vacations.

She has gone on a succession of royal tours with her husband throughout the world since marrying William in 2011.

A visit to the Turner Contemporary art gallery in Margate in 2015, on the other hand, demonstrates how the Duchess dealt with a frightening circumstance.

During a tour of the exhibit while heavily pregnant with Princess Charlotte, Kate reportedly across a ‘dead’ body.

“Oh my goodness, what’s that?” the Duchess said as she looked at the piece.

Local artist Jeremy Millar created the realistic corpse from silicone for “Self Portrait as a Drowned Man.”

Kate spent two hours touring the gallery, dressed in a Hobbs London dalmatian mac, which she also worn during her pregnancy with Prince George.

The Duchess also discussed artist Gavin Turk’s work, “Portrait of Something That I’ll Never Really See,” with him.

Kate, whose brother James was growing a beard at the time, seemed more taken with the artist’s beard.

“She instantly asked me about my beard and expressed concern because her brother was growing one,” Mr Turk added.

“She wanted to know how much care I needed to give it and if I had.” Brinkwire Summary News


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