Oh, Leo, I’m so sorry! If the EU does not budge on the unpopular Brexit terms, Varadkar faces an impending Irish crisis.


Oh, Leo, I’m so sorry! If the EU does not budge on the unpopular Brexit terms, Varadkar faces an impending Irish crisis.

The DUP has warned that if the Brexit red tape debate is not handled before LEO Varadkar takes over as Ireland’s prime minister next year, it would result in deteriorating north-south relations.

Today, DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson will meet with Ireland’s deputy prime minister to address the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol in the Brexit deal. Mr Varadkar had “spent years scaremongering about checkpoints that would never exist,” according to the unionist leader, and had “championed” post-Brexit trade restrictions that have “fundamentally damaged” the Good Friday Agreement. Since its inception at the beginning of the year, the Protocol to Avoid a Hard Border has sparked intense debate.

Downing Street has warned that its actions have stifled trade between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Unionists claim that the laws, which essentially create a trade barrier in the Irish Sea, have pushed the region further apart from the rest of the UK.

Northern Ireland has effectively remained within the single market, with a number of inspections on products shipped from mainland Britain, in order to keep the Irish border open.

While still the Irish prime minister, Mr Varadkar helped craft the initial terms of the UK’s EU exit deal in October 2019.

As part of a coalition deal in Dublin, he has since stood down and will return to the top role next year.

Mr Donaldson warned that if Dublin and Brussels do not agree to alter the Brexit trade rules, as the UK government has sought, he might inherit a chaotic scenario on the Irish border.

“He can either repeat the rhetoric of prior years and wait for events to unfold, or he may adopt a new spirit of good cooperation,” the DUP leader stated.

“Arrangements that respect both the EU single market and Northern Ireland’s role within the UK internal market are not only possible, but would also fulfill the Belfast Agreement’s pledge of protection.”

Both the UK and the EU have proposed ideas to clarify the Protocol’s terms.

Talks are anticipated to take place this month to address the issues, as a number of EU red tape grace periods are set to expire.

Gordon Lyons, Northern Ireland’s economic minister, urged for more delays to the Irish Sea checks this week.

If the. “Brinkwire Summary News,” he continued, there would be “serious difficulties.”


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