Obama was chastised for raising money for a ‘shrine’ while organizing a multi-million pound birthday bash.


Obama was chastised for raising money for a ‘shrine’ while organizing a multi-million pound birthday bash.

BARACK OBAMA has been chastised for requesting funds for his own “shrine” while preparing his birthday celebrations.

Former President Barack Obama received outrage for throwing a huge gathering for his expensive 60th birthday party, according to Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Many people chastised Mr Obama for inviting up to 500 people to his $15 million sea-fronted residence on Martha’s Vineyard, including friends, family, celebrities, and others. Due to fears about coronavirus, the former President has indicated that he will drastically reduce the size of his enormous celebration.

“Due to the new spread of the Delta variant during the past week, the President and Mrs Obama have opted to drastically scale back the celebration to include just family and close friends,” Hannah Hankins, a spokeswoman for the former president, said on Wednesday morning.

Mr Carlson, on the other hand, contended that, while the Obamas are reducing their celebration, they are still seeking donations for a “shrine” dedicated to him.

The Fox host cited a tweet from Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, who asked people to donate $6 or $600 to “help bring the Obama Presidential Center to life.”

The Barack Obama Presidential Center is a projected architectural project overseen by the Obama Foundation to honor Barack Obama’s presidency.

“As a birthday present for Barack Obama, I’d like to ask you to donate $6 or $60 to help us bring the Obama Presidential Center to life in Chicago.”

The hashtag #HappyBdayObama was then used to link to a donation website.

“Help us celebrate President Obama’s 60th birthday the most spectacular one yet by donating $6, $60, $600, or an amount of your choosing to help bring the Obama Presidential Center to life on Chicago’s South Side and fuel our efforts to promote emerging leaders throughout the world,” the donation website said.

“Alternatively, just tell us and President Obama how you spent 60 minutes—or even 60 seconds—giving back to your community.”

Mr. Carlson and his colleague, writer Glenn Greenwald, discussed the Obama campaign’s actions.

“Barack Obama has grown very rich from Netflix; I’m not sure what he’s doing for them, but he’s certainly rich,” Mr Carlson remarked.

“Why is he suddenly requesting more money?”

“The idea of Presidential library, originally, that didn’t exist for like a150.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Mr Greenwald remarked.


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