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Nxivm sex cult still ‘active and recruiting’ as followers dance and twerk outside leader Keith Raniere’s prison cell

THE Nxivm sex cult is still “active and recruiting” despite leader Keith Raniere being behind bars, a whistleblower has claimed.

The group’s former publicist Frank Parlato made the claim after a number of Nxivm members, including actress Nicki Clyne, started meeting up and dancing outside of the prison where Raniere is being held.

Cult leader Raniere, 59, is awaiting sentencing on multiple charges, including racketeering, sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy.

In bizarre videos live-streamed on Instagram by the group, who call themselves The Forgotten Ones and WeAreAsYou, Clyne, who was named in court as a co-conspirator, appears to twerk and dance provocatively outside the prison in Brooklyn, New York.

Clyne was accused of recruiting women as “slaves” in court papers but was never charged with any crime.

In another, a woman identified by Parlato as Dr Danielle Roberts, the doctor accused of branding the Nxivm women with Raniere’s initial on their groin areas, does a front flip, while in one clip a shadowy figure – which some believe to be Raniere – can be seen looking out of the window.

Parlato believes that the Nxivm cult – along with its offshoot groups the master-slave group DOS and a men’s group called Society of Protectors – are still going strong despite Raniere and other high profile Nxivm members such as Hollywood actress Allison Mack being charged with a slew of crimes.

“There’s two very definite pieces of evidence that Nxivm is still active,” he told The Sun.

“One is the dancers who call themselves the Forgotten Ones and are dancing in front of the Metropolitan Detention Center where Raniere is presently being held.

“There’s seven well known Nxivm members I have identified in the videos including Nicki Clyne, the branding doctor Danielle Roberts and DOS slave Michelle Hatchet.

“Clearly they’re dancing for Keith, they’ve admitted it on their website. They also said that Keith was punished because he encouraged the dancers and that’s on their website.

“Secondly, if you look at the Forgotten Ones Instagram accounts, there’s a couple of dozen well known Nxivm numbers who are following the dancers, which indicates that there are still dozens of members Mexico, in the United States and Canada who are still devoted to Raniere.

“They’re absolutely active and I know from my sources that one group the Society of Protectors is still holding virtual meetings and they’re operating on Telegram and other programs where they can’t be easily traced.”

Nxivm – led by Raniere – hit the headlines in 2017 when it was revealed that members of its sub-group DOS had been forcing women to be branded on their groins with a white hot cauterizing pen and operating a sinister master-slave group in which women were forced to have sex with Raniere, send damaging collateral such as naked pictures and starve themselves.

Parlato, who was the first to uncover the group’s twisted secret practices and report them on his website Frank Report, also believes the group are still actively recruiting members.

“The very directive of DOS group is to recruit and I spoke with a person closely affiliated with one of the high profile members of DOS who said she is still trying to recruit people,” Parlato said.

“And I’ve gotten calls from women who she tried to recruit – after Raniere’s arrest – who told me that they were saved only because they read articles like mine and articles in The Sun that helped them realize she had a clear agenda. 

“I would say I’ve spoken to about five or six women who have been targeted for recruitment since Raniere has been in prison. All young women, all slender, all pretty shook up. And obviously I would only hear about the ones that got away.”

Parlato believes that Raniere is still in communication with members and is “calling the shots”.

“I was told by a source at MDC, an actual prison guard, who said that they confiscated two cell phones, one after another,” he said.

“So that could suggest that he is still covertly in touch with some of these members.

“And the dancers openly admit on their website that he was punished for communicating with them, so how would they know that if he wasn’t in touch with them. 

“Even behind bars, this guy is still calling the shots in these women’s lives.”

Parlato, who has helped many women escape the cult, compared the women to killer Charles Manson’s followers, who carved X’s in their foreheads and showed up at court to support him in the sixties.

“They’re even making a documentary about how Raniere was falsely accused. 

“They are like the Manson girls. They’re completely brainwashed and completely ready to follow him off a cliff. “

The Forgotten Ones group claim they are hoping to bring joy to and “honor the humanity” of those in the prison.

On their website, they wrote in a press release: “On July 3, three friends visited the parking lot of Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn to wave to their friend Keith Raniere, who has been detained there since April 2018.

“Those incarcerated at this facility have had very limited communication and experienced harsh restrictions due to COVID-19 lockdowns.”

They added: “Keith was promptly punished for writing an email about how wonderful it was to see his friends connecting with and recognizing the men inside.

“Keenly aware of the dire need for humanity inside, Keith encouraged the movement to expand, with the hope that anyone with friends or family who are incarcerated could gather and dance like this at facilities across the country.

“Although Keith was moved so he could no longer witness the dancing, his friends and others continue to show up because this is about restoring humanity to the people inside and bringing joy to the forgotten ones.”

The Sun reached out to lawyers for Clyne and Raniere for comment, along with the We Are As You organization.

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