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Nutritionist recommends 4:3 diet and intermittent fasting

Celebrity nutritionist Gabriela Peacock who is friends with the royal family has revealed the advice she always gives her clients.

Gabriela, 40, told People magazine she recommends intermittent fasting and the 4:3 diet, which is sees those trying to lose weight eat 500 calories a day for alternating days.   

The fitness expert, who was born in the Czech Republic and is currently in France, is the go-to nutritionist for the royal family, and is believed to have helped both Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie slim down for their weddings last year.

‘I love intermittent fasting, which does not mean not eating!’ she told the US magazine. 

‘It’s a really healthy weight loss method. It’s also been known to reduce the way our cells age, just by giving your body a bit of a break, you create this resilience and by day six or seven, you start feeling really great,’ Gabriela, who also has a home in west London added. 

While Gabriela’s website lists Jeremy Clarkson, Donna Air, and Alan Carr among those who have praised her services, she has remained tight lipped on which royal clients she’s helped. 

However, she was a guest at both Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank and Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018, but she missed out on her ‘BFF’ Beatrice’s secret nuptials as it was cut down to just immediate family due to coronavirus restrictions. 

Beatrice is the godmother of Gabriela’s daughter and Tatler describes the pair as best friends.

‘Gabriela Peacock is on speed dial anytime she needs advice on looking and feeling fabulous,’ the society bible claims.   

The former model also explained to People that she loves that she can help her ‘close friend’ Beatrice with nutritional advice. 

While alternating between 500 calorie days and ‘blow out days’ may seem extreme, Gabriela insists it’s a very healthy way to shed weight and advocates her clients eat big breakfasts, whole food lunches and a light dinner, with no carbohydrates in the evening.

‘I don’t have a problem with pasta or potatoes, but have them at lunch. In the evening, you don’t want so much sugar in your blood stream. It needs to be stored somewhere, so it will get stored as fat.’

‘Your evening meal should be the cleanest meal of the day — focus on protein and vegetables at dinner, you will be full but with less sugar in your blood stream,’ Gabriela added to People.

Gabriela also encourages her clients to eat protein-based snacks including nuts, seed, protein bars and yoghurt throughout the day.  

‘I don’t believe in a kind of crazy, life-changing process, if I tell them to stop eating bread forever, they will never come back!’ she added.

The wellness expert also emphasised that hydration was key to get a glow, and to add orange juice, mint or fresh fruit if you struggle to drink two litres a day.

The mother-of-three added that ‘sugar is fine’ in moderation and that green tea is preferable to coffee.

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