NSW man who transforms fridges into dog kennels

A man has spent the past two years transforming more than 500 fridges into dog kennels in a creative ploy to save them from ending up in landfill.

The innovative recycling hack was shared to the Facebook group #WarOnWasteAU by his daughter Amanda Coles.     

‘For the past two years my father has been turning broken fridges into dog kennels, in the 2 years he has saved over 500 fridges going to landfill,’ she said.

‘He also recycles the copper and excess metal and gives away any drawers locally for storage (I have some organising my linen).’ 

Mongrel Insulated Kennels is located in Dubbo, regional New South Wales, and Ms Coles’ father charges a minimum of $180 for a custom-made and fully insulated kennel. Prices increase for larger kennels. 

Social media users who are concerned about the implications of waste in Australia responded to the savvy recycling.  

‘Great idea. Repurposing is better than reprocessing!’ one group member wrote. 

‘Your dad is now my Hero! thanks Mr Cole I appreciate your recycling,’ shared another.

‘These stand the test of time, our family has had one for over twenty years. He is doing a great job, saving from landfill and reducing purchases of kennel’s. Please give him a high five,’ another commented. 

The Facebook group said it’s ultimate target was to reduce waste and encourage members of the public to share creative ways they’ve been able to recycle.

‘Everyone here sees the problem and can contribute to the solution,’ the group said.


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