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NSW Kiama Heights couple ‘threaten police after officers check to make sure they are self-isolating’

A NSW couple accused a policeman of ‘unlawfully trespassing’ and threatened to ‘go after you personally’ while the officer was carrying out a routine self-isolation check.

Leading Senior Constable Alex Riley arrived at the home only to be confronted by the man, 36, and woman, 37, living there in Kiama Heights, half an hour south of Wollongong in NSW at 1:30pm on Tuesday.

The couple did not open their security door and immediately began filming the officer, demanding his full name, badge number, business card and even his personal liability insurance. 

They repeatedly accused him of ‘trespassing without consent’ but Senior Constable Riley calmly explained he had a ‘lawful reason’ to be there before eventually leaving. 

A NSW Police spokeswoman said the couple ‘refused to provide details or respond to COVID-compliance questions’. 

The video, which was uploaded to Facebook, begins with Senior Constable Riley introducing himself and asking if police officers have attended before. 

The 36-year-old man said ‘I’m not sure’ before confirming they have ‘had officers here’ in relation to the coronavirus checks. 

Next, he demanded the officer’s full name and business card, prompting Senior Constable Riley to say: ‘No, I don’t have a business card.’ 

The 37-year-old woman then chimes in, demanding Mr Riley’s ‘personal liability insurance’.  

‘I can give you my name and address, which is the police station, which is what I’m required to do,’ Mr Riley replied, before beginning to write it down. 

But the couple quickly became more agitated and the woman accused Mr Riley of trespassing on their property.  

Not satisfied with Mr Riley’s name, uniform and police station, the couple refused to answer any of the officers’ questions before he met their demands.    

‘We’re not going after NSW Police, we’re going after to you. Because you are the person who walked onto my lot, trespassing without consent,’ the man said

‘I want to complain to you and then I’m going to go after you personally. Not the NSW Police, you!’ 

Tired of the conversation going in circles, Mr Riley then walked away from the property but the man continued to film him as he walked away. 

The man and Mr Riley eventually reached the front of the property, where there was a trespassing notice under the mailbox. 

‘Can you read the sign?’ the man asked, prompting Mr Riley to say ‘trespass notice’.  

‘Did you just admit you trespassed on my property?’ the man fired back. 

‘No, I have a lawful reason to be on your property,’ Mr Riley explained. 

‘Unlawful reason! I did not consent to you coming onto my property, because of this, look at this sign. No trespassing!’ he said. 

Mr Riley then walks to his police car with the man warning ‘don’t come back’. 

A NSW Police spokeswoman said Mr Riley was on the property to ‘conduct inquiries in relation to self-isolation requirements’ as part of ‘proactive compliance operations’.    

‘The officer announced his office to the occupants of the home – a 36-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman – who refused to provide details or respond to COVID-compliance questions,’ the spokeswoman said. 

‘After numerous failed attempts to obtain basic information, the officer left the home and reported the incident to his supervisor.

‘Police will continue to conduct proactive visits to homes and businesses throughout the Illawarra – and across the state – to ensure compliance with all orders under the Public Health Act.’

The couple’s refusal to answer the officer’s question is the latest confrontation between citizens and police over COVID-19 restrictions. 

A Melbourne man filmed his incredible 22 minute argument with police after refusing to wear a face mask in public. 

The pedestrian was stopped by the two police officers on Thursday after they spotted him in the street without a mask.

In footage captured by the pedestrian, the officers can be seen politely asking him why he is not wearing a mask and even offering to give him one. 

But instead of complying with their request, the man went on a 22-minute rant where he complained about his ‘lack of freedom’.

Prior to this, Eve Black, from Melbourne, filmed herself driving past an officer at a police barricade on Thursday.  

When the officer asked her where she was headed and why she was attempting to leave, Ms Black simply told him she didn’t need to share that information.

The officer eventually waved her through as she sped off laughing and celebrating.

Ms Black has been widely condemned after posting the video, and could now find herself in trouble with the law after catching the attention of Victoria’s assistant police commissioner. 

‘Our members are out there all day and all night working incredibly hard to keep our community safe,’ Assistant Commissioner Rick Nugent said on Friday.

‘This was a selfish and childish act… it was ridiculous, it was unnecessary. 

‘If that woman lived in that area or had a good reason to be in that area, she would be allowed through.

‘If not, she’s breaking the law.’

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