‘Now it’s Dexit’s turn!’ Emmanuel Macron and a weakened Germany might ‘push Denmark out the EU door.’


‘Now it’s Dexit’s turn!’ Emmanuel Macron and a weakened Germany might ‘push Denmark out the EU door.’

A political leader has claimed that Denmark may exit the EU as a result of Emmanuel Macron’s European federalisation proposals and a “weakened” Germany.

The UK’s Time Party, which advocates for greater devolution inside the country, has criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s current plans, claiming that they could lead to the EU’s disintegration. On Twitter, Chairman Robert Kimbell wrote: “Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Italy are all members of the European Union. All of these countries are on the verge of leaving the EU.

“Poland, Hungary, Sweden, and Denmark are the only countries that have kept their national currencies.

“With a weakened Germany and Macron’s pro-EU federalization zeal, I could see Denmark departing.”

After 16 years in leadership, Angela Merkel is set to stand down.

Commentators believe Mr Macron will play a key role in eurozone restructuring after she leaves.

He is expected to take initiatives to strengthen pan-EU democracy and take important steps forward on shared foreign and defense policy.

It is believed that these moves are disturbing nations such as Denmark.

As a result, the number of political candidates campaigning for a Danish exit from the EU, or Dexit, has increased.

The French president wants to push for military cooperation that might lead to the creation of a pan-European force.

“Macron is top dog” now that Angela Merkel has left the EU, according to Andrew Duff, a former MEP and president of the Spinelli group of European federalists.

“Whoever follows Merkel will take time to get underway,” the MEP added to the Daily Telegraph.

The French-German “engine” is in charge of EU policymaking.

Most EU advancements require the cooperation of both Paris and Berlin, but with Germany weakened, the balance of power could shift to France.

Denmark has expressed its displeasure with the EU’s decision to stand with France in the diplomatic row over a failed submarine contract with Australia.

“I believe it’s important to state, given the negotiations happening on in Europe right now, that I consider Biden as quite devoted to the transatlantic alliance,” Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen remarked.

“And, in general, we should not make specific challenges between allies into something they are not.

“I would strongly advise against it.”


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