Now is the time to read Article 16! After the EU’s Brexit demands, Boris advised taking the “nuclear option.”


Now is the time to read Article 16! After the EU’s Brexit demands, Boris advised taking the “nuclear option.”

After Maros Sefcovic indicated that the EU will not back down on the ECJ’s involvement in the Brexit agreement, angry Britons have encouraged Boris Johnson to invoke Article 16.

Last night, European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic told European leaders that the EU will eliminate 80% of the Irish Sea border checks that have been generating serious shortages, but that the power of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) must stay in Northern Ireland in order to do so.


“I believe we share the same aims of development, stability, and peace on the island of Ireland,” Mr Sefcovic added.

“I trust we share the same purpose of ensuring that Northern Ireland’s businesses and people benefit from the dual market,” he continued.

“Without the ECJ’s jurisdiction, you can’t have access to the single market.”

Lord Frost believes that the EU’s refusal to remove ECJ powers from Northern Ireland could cause major societal problems, necessitating the use of the “nuclear option.”

In a poll of 4,846 Express readers conducted between October 13 and 14, 97 percent of respondents felt the UK should use Article 16 in response to Sefcovic’s obstinacy.

“The EU courts should never have been given any jurisdiction over the UK after we were meant to have totally exited the EU,” one voter claimed.

“The United Kingdom needs to state what we will do and what is best for the United Kingdom, because what we have now is awful.”

“The role of the European Court of Justice and the EU institutions in Northern Ireland creates a situation where there appears to be no discretion about how clauses in the Protocol are applied,” Lord Frost told EU ministers in Lisbon on Tuesday night.

“The EU may make regulations that apply to Northern Ireland without any democratic scrutiny or debate,” he continued.

“Even now, as the EU analyzes potential solutions, there’s a sense that it’s saying, ‘We’ve determined what’s best for you, and we’ll now put it into action.'”

The Prime Minister was urged by many This website voters to not only repeal Article 16, but also to go straight to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to negotiate a trade arrangement between the UK and the EU on Northern Ireland.

“Perhaps calling Article 16 is merely going to. “Brinkwire Summary News,” one reader speculated.


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