Nothing is straightforward, says Jacinda Ardern, when it comes to NZ opening its borders.


Nothing is straightforward, says Jacinda Ardern, when it comes to NZ opening its borders.

JACINDA ARDERN is drafting a plan for New Zealanders to navigate their way out of the pandemic.

When it comes to Covid, New Zealand’s Prime Minister has always taken a cautious stance. Many British citizens have been separated from their families and friends in the United States as a result of her decision to seal her country’s borders for much of the outbreak. So, how is New Zealand going about it? When are they going to open their borders?

Many people think Ms. Ardern’s strategy is too cautious, but it has allowed New Zealand to remain on top of most outbreaks and minimize its exposure to contagious new varieties.

Boris Johnson has always maintained that the UK’s successful vaccine rollout allowed us to exit lockdown restrictions ahead of the rest of the globe.

It’s clear to see why Ardern’s approach has been significantly more cautious than Johnson’s, with nearly 60% of Britons completely vaccinated compared to just over 15% of New Zealanders.

Jacinda Ardern stated in an interview with Stuff, a New Zealand news website, that she would not impose milestones like her Australian counterpart Scott Morrison.

Before the country can begin to unlock, the Prime Minister of Australia stated that 70% of the eligible Australian people must be properly vaccinated.

Australia is now experiencing an outbreak of Covid infections, which has put several regions of the country under lockdown.

“Looking over to Australia, rather than feeling grateful that you aren’t in that situation, it’s the same sensation as living on a street where your house is fine but your neighbor’s is on fire,” Jacinda Ardern told Stuff.

“The reality is that this isn’t going away, and it’s going to be difficult. It’s difficult for businesses to hire workers, and it’s difficult for people to see their family and friends.”

Ms Ardern is expected to reveal her intentions for the second half of the “year of the vaccine” on Thursday.

Ms Ardern is unlikely to consider removing all restrictions, as the UK has done and as Australia plans to do once a sufficient number of New Zealanders have been vaccinated.

“One of the things I would say to anyone who believes the sole reason to get vaccinated is to travel, that is wrong,” Mr Ardern said about travel.

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