‘Not worthy any longer!’ The Queen has faced backlash following Blair’s knighthood, according to a negative poll.


‘Not worthy any longer!’ The Queen has been chastised following Blair’s knighthood, according to a negative poll.

THE QUEEN’S BUDGET WAS £85.9 million in 20202021, or £1.29 per UK taxpayer, but in a new poll, the majority of voters said they wanted the Queen’s budget cut.

In a poll of 3,436 This website readers conducted between January 7 and 10, 58 percent said the royal budget should be cut, while 41 percent said it should not, and one percent said they were unsure.

“They are not worthy any longer, the Monarchy has had its day,” one reader, Alf, said.

People must choose between eating and keeping warm.

While the Royals have devolved into a decadent, corrupt family of self-entitlement on the backs of taxpayers.”

The Queen’s decision to knight Sir Tony Blair enraged Alf and many other readers.

“I did love our Queen Elizabeth, but after giving Tony Blair a knighthood and the royalty scandal, I am afraid I have no time for the Royal Family,” a voter known as “London Town” said.

“For what purpose would anyone want to pay for the upkeep of one of the world’s wealthiest families?” one reader wondered.

However, Her Majesty’s supporters rushed to her defense, enraged and ready for a debate.

“Leave our Queen’s money alone!” Michwell said.

A reader countered that the Royal Family has “brought in far more money and trade than any company representative.”

“They, particularly the top-ranked, can speak to the highest-ranking person in any country, selling our workmanship and gaining the trust of overseas companies who will then go on to buy from us,” they continued.

“I’m a retired lorry driver, but you won’t find me grumbling about £1.29 to support one of the world’s most illustrious Royal households.”

“I am not a traitor, of course.”

The Sovereign Grant of £85.9 million pays for official travel, property maintenance, and the running costs of The Queen’s household.

HM Treasury provides the Sovereign Grant, and in exchange for this public support, Her Majesty gives the Government the revenue from The Crown Estate.

In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, this amounted to £345 million, more than four times the amount spent by taxpayers on the Sovereign Grant.

The Duchy of Lancaster, the Queen’s private estate, brought in around £25 million for the Queen, who is 95 years old.

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