Not even BILLIONS will suffice! As the EU tightens its grip on the dreaded pact, Switzerland faces a nightmare.


Not even BILLIONS will suffice! As the EU tightens its grip on the dreaded pact, Switzerland faces a nightmare.

THE EU is being tough on Switzerland in current talks, despite the fact that the mountainous country has agreed to pay the bloc billions as part of a cohesion payment.

By delivering the so-called “cohesion billions” as soon as possible, the Swiss government hopes to make peace with the EU and foster amicable negotiations. However, according to Remo Hess, a Brussels-based journalist, Switzerland must demonstrate how it plans to participate in future European financial equalization following the upcoming cohesion payment in order to secure a favorable negotiation stance. The cohesion contribution to the European Union will amount to $1.3 billion.

The money will be used to fund reforms for the bloc’s newest members.

This would be the second time the Swiss have handed over a monetary amount to the EU.

The contribution, however, is insufficient; the EU also requires Switzerland to demonstrate that it intends to participate in future financial “equalization” in Europe.

According to Swiss media, Switzerland must negotiate an agreement with the EU for the banking industry in order to appease Brussels.

Mr Hess, writing for the Swiss German-language daily Luzerner Zeitung, said: “The Federal Council’s intention to calm things down by releasing the 1.3 billion Swiss franc cohesion contribution swiftly would not succeed.

“The gesture is insufficient.”

Mr. Hess went on to say: “After the next cohesion payment, Switzerland must demonstrate how it plans to contribute in European financial equalization in the future.

Switzerland will also be required to contribute “a recurrent contribution to the EU budget,” according to the journalist.

This is because the EU anticipates it “from a wealthy country such as Switzerland, which benefits greatly from the EU internal market.”

The Brussels journalist continued, saying that talks between the EU and Switzerland “are still ongoing” and that “there has never been a ‘Swiss Brexit,’ and Switzerland is a good partner with whom one can have a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Mr. Hess went on to say that the EU will not “give in to the Swiss and their unique desires.”

The journalist highlighted defensive post-Brexit conditions within the EU, in which member states are likely to coalesce in their discussions with non-EU countries.

“The sobering thing is, even if one or both of the EU capitals periodically support Switzerland, the Union has always been together,” Mr Hess added.

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