Norway bow attack — A bow and arrow killer who ‘converted to Islam’ eluded cops before being apprehended after killing five people and injured two others.


Norway bow attack — A bow and arrow killer who ‘converted to Islam’ eluded cops before being apprehended after killing five people and injured two others.

Following a bow and arrow attack that killed five people and injured two others in Norway, authorities have detained an Islam convert.

Cops apprehended the 37-year-old Danish suspect after he allegedly went on a half-hour spree from inside a supermarket in Kongsberg, south-west of Oslo’s city.

Several different sources have told TV 2 that the suspect is a Muslim convert.

After the suspect started fire, a big section of the small town, around 50 miles from Oslo, was evacuated and roped off.

An off-duty police officer was among those injured in the horrible incident, since he was inside a Coop Extra supermarket at the time of the rampage.

Women’s shouts were hysterical… It was a dying howl like I’d never heard before. He is one of two victims believed to be in critical condition.

According to local media, the lone assassin was apprehended following a “confrontation” with police during which warning rounds were fired. There was a chase through the streets and alleyways.

He was transferred to Drammen, a neighbouring town, where he was accused with the heinous mass murder.

After the culprit allegedly missed his target, harrowing photographs shot on the street show arrows trapped inside a wall.

Witnesses described discovering a critically injured woman in a pool of blood near a traffic junction, begging out for help with an arrow embedded in her torso.

One person told TV 2: “Women screamed uncontrollably. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard anything like it. It sounded like a death scream.” 🔵 For the most up-to-date information, visit our live blog on the Norway assaults. Another person stated: “Just outside my flat, a man with a bow and arrow is firing at people. There are cops on the scene, as well as many helicopters.” In a press conference following the “gruesome” incident, Acting Prime Minister Erna Solberg informed the people that “the police are now in charge.”

As a result of the occurrence, cops across Norway were instantly instructed to carry guns, despite the fact that they were normally unarmed.

Authorities are investigating whether the attack was a terrorist attack.

The culprit is believed to have acted alone, according to police head yvind Aas, who told reporters, “The individual has been detained.”

“These actions were carried out by this person alone, according to the knowledge we now have. A number of individuals have been injured, and a few have died.

“These actions were carried out by a single person.

“It’s logical to wonder if this is a terrorist attack. However, the man has not been interrogated, and it is too soon to draw any conclusions.” The rampage, which began shortly before 6.30 p.m. local time, resulted in “multiple crime scenes,” according to the police chief.

“It is a disaster for… Brinkwire Brief News,” Mayor Kari Anne Sand stated, adding that a crisis center had been established in the town.


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