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Northern Territory: Driver show terrifying sight at Cahills Crossing where saltwater crocodiles lurk

A Northern Territory couple have revealed what could be the world’s most dangerous drive after at least 12 crocodiles blocked their path while crossing a river.

Video footage captured the terrifying moment a couple were stuck in the middle of Cahills Crossing, a popular spot in Kakadu National Park, notorious for saltwater crocodiles.

The clip, filmed on Monday, showed Rachelle Wastle and her husband Peter’s vehicle submerged in water as they tried to make their way to the other river bank.

But at least 12 crocodiles blocked the couple’s path – and none of them seemed willing to move out of the way.

‘Come on, move,’ Mr Wastle could be heard saying in the clip.

The couple sounded more frustrated than terrified at their circumstances – as a group of tourists watched on.

Mrs Wastle told Daily Mail Australia that she and her husband had been taking advantage of the Northern Territory’s long weekend and had been camping in Cobourg Peninsula.

The couple were returning to their home in Darwin.

‘We were fine with the crocodiles, we are used to them now,’ she said.

‘We had been camping in an area where you walk along the beach and a crocodile would appear two metres in front of you.’ 

Eventually, the crocodiles began to move out of the way of the vehicle in chase of some food.

‘That one almost caught a barramundi,’ Ms Wastle was heard saying in the clip.

‘Don’t run over his tail. He is still moving in front of you.’

She revealed that she had never seen that many crocodiles sat on the crossing before.

‘The tide was at a certain height and there were loads of barramundi jumping from one bank to the other so they were all sat there trying to get food,’ Mrs Wastle said.’

‘At one point – right next to my window – one of the fish jumped up and onto the other side of the croc’s head but he just missed it.’

The scenic road is known to attract hundreds of tourists each year, including dozens of bold drivers who attempt to make the daring journey across. 

In September 2019 one a tourist was left in a terrifying situation after their car became surrounded by more than 30 saltwater crocodiles. 

The car was forced to come to a complete stop for more than two minutes and wait for the reptiles to move off the road.

Operations manager at Kimberley Off-Road Adventure Tours Lucy Periton told Daily Mail Australia at the time it’s not unusual to see the reptiles sprawled all over the road.  

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