Northern Ireland will very probably have a Sinn Féin First Minister, according to one expert.


Northern Ireland will very probably have a Sinn Féin First Minister, according to one expert.

According to writer Allison Morris, Northern Ireland will almost probably have a Sinn Féin First Minister before next year’s Stormont elections.

Belfast Telegraph journalist Ms Morris told LBC’s Iain Dale that the result is quite likely, given Northern Ireland’s voting intentions and the state of the Unionist vote, which is split “three ways.” She predicted that the Unionist vote will be “scattered to the wind” in the approaching election, and that a Sinn Féin victory would be a severe “psychological” blow to Unionist supporters who are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Northern Ireland’s statehood this year.

“What’s interesting is that the Unionist vote is now split three ways about evenly,” Allison Morris remarked.

“In contrast, the republican vote, or Sinn Féin vote, has remained stable at 25%.”

However, the journalist went on to say that by the next elections in May 2022, Northern Ireland will “very probably” have a Sinn Féin First Minister as a result of Northern Ireland’s voting intentions.

She went on to explain that the timing is particularly poignant given Northern Ireland’s history.

“For Unionists, we are currently in the Centenary of Northern Ireland; it is 100 years since the foundation of the state,” Ms Morris added.

“This was supposed to be a Unionist state with a Unionist majority,” says the author.

“In that century, it appears that the next election will be the period when the Unionist vote is scattered to the wind,” she added.

In terms of the SDLP and Sinn Féin, she again emphasized how the nationalist support is “holding steady.”

She said as a result that Stormont is now “looking at a Sinn Féin First Minister.”

She went on to say that the role of Deputy First Minister will be filled by a person from one of Northern Ireland’s Unionist parties, either the Democratic Unionist Party or the Ulster Unionist Party.

Unionists, on the other hand, are likely to find a Sinn Féin First Minister difficult to comprehend.

She explained that this outcome would be “quite a thing for a lot of Unionists and Loyalists to get their heads around psychologically.”

Sinn Féin is a republican nationalist party that aspires to end the island of Ireland’s political split.

The Irish name for the party is “We Ourselves” or “Ourselves Alone,” and it was created in 1905.

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