Northern Ireland is in shambles as the EU takes advantage of the UK’s chaos to impose a “advantageous” arrangement.


Northern Ireland is in shambles as the EU takes advantage of the UK’s chaos to impose a “advantageous” arrangement.

According to a rediscovered report, the EU “took advantage” of the “political chaos” preceding the signing of the Northern Ireland Protocol to enforce a deal that was “maximally advantageous” to Brussels.

The Protocol, which was agreed by the British government in 2019, is part of the country’s post-Brexit trade agreements with the EU. This section of the agreement attempts to ensure that Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland do not have a hard border. Northern Ireland exited the EU last year along with the rest of the UK, but it is still a part of the EU’s single market for goods.

In theory, the Protocol is designed to keep unimpeded trade flowing between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

However, local firms have been disrupted by severe customs checks on British goods entering in Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has called on Brussels to modify its application of the Protocol’s rules.

Many of the checks should be scrapped, and the EU should extend so-called “grace periods” that give firms time to adjust to the new laws.

The Protocol, according to Dr. Graham Gudgin, chief economic counsel of Policy Exchange, has to be reformated or replaced.

In June, Dr. Gudgin made a presentation on the Protocol to the Northern Ireland Assembly Finance Committee, which was afterwards published on the Briefings for Britain website, which he co-edits.

“The UK Government under Boris Johnson considers the Northern Ireland Protocol as what the Chinese call an unequal deal, and this is correct in my opinion,” he stated.

“The Protocol was ratified in October 2019 amid severe political turmoil and a legislative civil war that culminated in the Benn Act, which effectively handed the EU carte power to name its parameters.

“Unsurprisingly, the EU, aided by Dublin, took full advantage of the chaos and pushed terms for a UK-EU trade agreement that were maximally beneficial to itself and the Republic of Ireland while being maximally detrimental to the UK’s integrity and NI Unionists.

“It is this agreement that the UK government is aiming to renegotiate, and at the very least, considerable modifications are desired.”

Dr. Gudgin suggested that a “major aspect of the detrimental impact of the Protocol on.”Brinkwire Summary News” was British enterprises’ inability to continue their pre-Brexit business relationships.


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