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North Melbourne AFL star Ben Brown and his pregnant wife Hester lose twin to miscarriage

AFL star Ben Brown and his wife Hester have revealed the tragic news that they have lost one of their unborn twins to miscarriage. 

The North Melbourne player’s wife shared a heartbreaking post on Instagram on Thursday saying they were expecting a baby in February next year, but its twin was ‘always in our hearts’.

‘This is bittersweet to announce, but I believe that if we don’t talk about difficult things we will never come to know that we aren’t alone,’ Ms Brown wrote.

‘I knew I had two babies from the very start. They came to me in a dream and I knew I could feel them there. The hyperemesis felt like an indication too.’ 

The couple and their 19-month-old daughter Aila have relocated to Queensland in an AFL hub. 

‘Between being relocated around the country several times and quarantine periods we didn’t get to hear a heartbeat or see our babies until there was just one to see,’ her post continues. 

‘We are very grateful to have another beautiful baby join our family next year and we know that we are fortunate and will cherish what we have but we will also carry broken hearts for the beautiful twin who we will never hold in our arms.

‘I know that miscarrying/vanishing twins are common. But that doesn’t take the hurt away.

‘And I just want to extend my love and my hand to anyone who has or is going through this. You are not alone.’ 

Brown is a gender equality activist who is conscious of using his online platform as an instrument for cultural change.

The Tasmanian and his wife are ambassadors for not-for-profit organisation Our Watch, who work to prevent violence against women by changing national attitudes and behaviours.

‘We’ve got a platform and, I think, rightly or wrongly, kids look up to us as role models and are going to look at our behaviours and take that into their own adult lives,’ Brown told Herald Sun.

‘We’ve got to ensure that we’re considerate of our actions, because being a role model is part of the job we are in.’

The 27-year-old married Hester in October 2017 at the Shene Estate and Distillery in Tasmania and vouched for his family to join him in the hub before it was announced.

‘It’s definitely my preference to have them there, and I’d love that to be the way it panned out,’ Brown told

The young family were forced to move into an Airbnb and again into a family friend’s home earlier this year after moving away from Victorian hot spot postcodes to be able to play in the disrupted season.

‘We hadn’t had any indication before that we had to move out, and we were kind of just throwing stuff in bags pretty much to get us through,’ Brown said.

‘Obviously, with the young one – Aila’s just turned 18 months – there was a bit of organising that had to be done … let’s just say it was a pretty hectic 24-48 hours.’  

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