North Korea wants sanctions relaxed in order to reopen talks with the United States, according to MPs in Seoul.


North Korea wants sanctions relaxed in order to reopen talks with the United States, according to MPs in Seoul.

NORTH KOREA wants international sanctions prohibiting the export of metals and the import of refined petroleum and other needs eased in order to reopen denuclearization discussions with the United States, according to South Korean MPs.

The North has also requested that sanctions on luxury items be eased so that it can import fine liquors and suits, according to MPs who were informed by South Korea’s primary intelligence agency. The briefing occurred a week after the two Koreas re-established hotlines that had been terminated by North Korea a year ago.

On Tuesday, North Korea’s state-run media made no mention of a new request for sanctions relief in order to begin discussions.

Since April, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in have both indicated a desire to repair trust and enhance ties, according to South Korean MPs, and Kim has requested that the hotlines be reconnected.

They also stated that North Korea need 1 million tons of rice due to the coronavirus outbreak and poor weather that hit the country last year.

North Korea’s economy contracted the most in 23 years in 2020, according to South Korea’s national bank, as a result of UN sanctions, COVID-19 lockdown measures, and bad weather.

Moon has prioritized strengthening diplomatic and economic ties with North Korea, although the US has traditionally maintained that relations with North Korea cannot improve unless it abandons its nuclear and missile programs.

Since 2006, North Korea has carried out six nuclear tests and test-fired missiles capable of striking the United States.

The United Nations Security Council has imposed a slew of penalties on North Korea, including businesses and persons, for defying UN resolutions by advancing nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Sanctions against North Korea have been imposed by the US, Japan, and South Korea, but they are not binding on other countries.

North Korea had not replied to behind-the-scenes diplomatic efforts since mid-February, a senior official in President Joe Biden’s administration told Reuters in March.

Following former President Donald Trump’s unusual interaction with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the Biden administration has been cautious in publicly describing its strategy to North Korea, stating it was conducting a complete policy review.

North Korea has not conducted any nuclear or long-range missile tests. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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