North Korea has instituted a “leather coat prohibition” to discourage residents from duplicating Kim Jong-distinctive un’s style.


North Korea has instituted a “leather coat prohibition” to discourage residents from duplicating Kim Jong-distinctive un’s style.

North Korea has enforced a “leather coat restriction” to deter civilians from copying Kim Jong-style. un’s

According to residents, anybody selling or wearing leather trench coats are subjected to severe repression in North Korea. They became a symbol of supremacy after Kim Jong-un wore one on broadcast. Police in North Korea are taking leather trench coats off the street, arguing that mimicking Kim Jong-style un’s is insulting.

The classic trench coat acquired popularity in 2019 after the tyrant appeared on television wearing it. Kim Jong-un and his friends’ leather-clad TV appearance this year did little to dampen demand in the coats.

Since real leather coats became fashionable, they have been imported from China for the country’s wealthy, while imitation leather items have swamped the market.

North Korean authorities have now assumed the role of fashion police, pulling people’s clothing from their backs.

According to a resident of Pyongsong, a city north of Pyongyang, the coats have grown in favor this year after leading females, including Kim Jong-sister un’s and prospective successor Kim Yo-jong, were seen wearing them.

As stated by the source: “Leather coats have also become a symbol of power for powerful women.

“Private apparel merchants have been asking trade firm executives to import synthetic leather since September of this year, as leather coats have become a symbol of power.

“They’ve copied the design of the Highest Dignity’s and officials’ leather coats, and they’re currently on the market.”

Despite the opposition of young men to the new laws, the resident stated that Pyongsong authorities have recently begun cracking down on both vendors and wearers.

Authorities have labeled the dress issue as a “impure movement to dispute the authority of the Highest Dignity,” according to the inhabitant.

Thanks to smuggled South Korean movies that circulate in rural villages, leather jackets have become more fashionable in North Korea than full-length trench coats since the early 2000s.

According to another individual from North Pyongan province, coats are “imported from China” and “made domestically” utilizing imported components.

“Rich enterprises can import fabric for the coats by placing an order with state-run trading companies that have partially resumed maritime smuggling,” they explained.

Despite the fact that North Korea stopped business with China in January 2020 because to Covid, state-run companies resumed “official smuggling” in April of this year.

A copy of Chinese customs papers was obtained by Free Asia. Brinkwire has a summary of the news.


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