‘No one gives a damn!’ After calling Boris’s speech “trash,” Dominic Cummings was instructed to “find a job.”


‘No one gives a damn!’ After calling Boris’s speech “trash,” Dominic Cummings was instructed to “find a job.”

DOMINIC CUMMINGS was advised to “find a job” after calling Boris Johnson’s speech on racial equality “crap.”

The Prime Minister emphasized today that his leveling-up program is a “win-win” situation. Mr Johnson said in a speech in Coventry that his centerpiece proposal will not leave the UK’s “rich portions” poorer. He also promised to give local leaders more power, including the prospect of electing county mayors.

Mr Johnson’s former senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, reportedly thought his speech was “crap.”

People have told the former senior advisor to the Prime Minister to “find a job,” yet he has been assaulted.

“Who asked him for his opinion?” one individual wondered.

“I don’t think anybody gives a flying frankfurter what Dom says,” another Twitter user remarked.

“Seriously?” said someone else.

“Who gives a s**t what Cummings thinks about these days?”

“Get a job, Dominic!” exclaimed a third person.

“I’m not sure anyone cares about what Dom has to say anymore,” a fourth individual said.

“Get lost!” exclaimed someone else.

“Cummings is irrelevant!” exclaims the narrator.

In the midst of his ongoing fight with the Prime Minister, another Twitter user suggested Mr Cummings looks like a “scorned ex.”

“Just comes across as a scorned ex at this point,” they added.

“Cummings in the mud,” says the narrator.

Someone else echoed the earlier sentiments, writing: “Ex bitter employee who the media despised last year speaks…”

“This is hilarious,” someone else said.

“They look like a divorced couple to me.”

This comes amid the Prime Minister’s and Mr Cummings’ long-running dispute.

Following allegations he briefed against Mr Johnson, Mr Cummings resigned from his position in November.

Mr. Cummings accused Mr. Johnson of being “unfit for the position” back in May.

Mr. Cummings also demanded that the promised public inquiry into Covid’s handling be held as quickly as feasible.

“Tens of thousands of people perished who didn’t have to die,” he continued.

“There’s no need to put it off any longer.

“Many of the factors for what transpired are still present.”


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