Nintendo Switch’s ‘Joy-Con Drift’ Problem: An Engineer Says It Won’t Be Fixed For Now, But Will It Be for the Next Switch?


Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Drift Issue is a curse, and it is to stay with the original Switch consoles of Nintendo, with no specific fix for now, especially as there is no new console to come. The release of the Nintendo Switch OLED was supposedly the fix for this, but it does not guarantee it, especially as the controller drift is a wear and tear.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Issue to Live On

The release of the Nintendo Switch OLED has opened up an open forum for Nintendo executives to join in and answer. The “Ask the Developer” leg of the event has opened up the floor for Ko Shiota, a Director of the Technology Development Division and executive board member.

Here, he and other engineers have addressed the Joy-Con Drift Issue when asked by its fans. The only focus of Nintendo now is to improve its durability before its inevitable demise of suffering from the drift. Shiota has also compared this to a car’s tires that wear upon usage and is something that cannot be escaped, like a curse.

The Switch OLED was said to be the latest version of the joystick, with all the improvements Nintendo aims to apply for the console’s upgrade in the new model.

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No Fix from Nintendo?

Currently, there are no massive fixes from Nintendo for the Joy-Con, with both the software and hardware reasons for this. That being said, people would have to live with the Joy-Con for now, especially with the wear and tear of the controller.

Nintendo still looks at the matter, as said in previous releases, as it is a massive problem for gamers, especially those who own a Switch console. The Switch is fairly old since its release in 2017, and several accessories for controllers were already offered to answer this problem.

However, it seems that it is there to stay.

Nintendo’s Joy-Con Issues to Carry On the OLED?

Nintendo Switch’s OLED was said to be the savior of the Switch consoles from its Joy-Con drift issues, but that is not entirely the case as it was said to suffer the same issues.

The public has been long plagued by the Joy-Con drift, especially as it presents a problem that people have on their controllers and joysticks that move their characters or cameras on their own.

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