Nineteen people were killed in the New York fire, including nine children, in what has been called “one of the worst fires in modern history.”


Nineteen people were killed in a fire in New York, including nine children, in what has been described as “one of the worst fires in modern history.”

A fire in a New York apartment building has claimed the lives of NINETEEN people, including nine children.

Mr. Adams went on to say that the fire was one of the worst in modern history.

“The figures are shocking,” he said.

For the city of New York, this is a horrifying and painful time.

“This fire is going to cause a lot of pain and despair in our city.”

t.cotpFUMopgtC pic.twitter.comDsVCrKjTeT NEW YORK MAYOR ADAMS ON DEADLY BRONX BLAZE: “It appears as though this stemmed from a space heater.”

The fire broke out in an apartment building in the Bronx borough of New York City.

Twin Parks is a 19-story building.

At the scene, approximately 200 members of the New York Fire Department were present.

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Mr. Adams, 61, spoke to reporters outside the charred building after visiting the “horrific” fire scene.

The mayor reassured residents that an investigation into the cause of the fire would be launched, and he praised firefighters for entering the building despite having no oxygen left in their tanks.

The tragedy was a “horrific, painful moment” for the city, he said.

Firefighters “found victims on every floor in stairwells and were taking them out in respiratory and cardiac arrest,” according to Mr Nigro, who was quoted in the Guardian.

“That’s unheard of in our city,” he continued.

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“I was drinking coffee in the living room when I smelled smoke,” she explained.

We started saturating towels and the bottom of the door with water.

“It was all a whirlwind.”

“We were at a loss for what to do.

We saw all the dead bodies they were taking with the blankets as we looked out the windows.”

The building has suffered significant damage as a result of the fire, with windows on multiple floors being broken.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated, but it is not suspected to be suspicious.


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