Nina Wadia’s life was turned upside down by a “terrifying” health diagnosis.


Nina Wadia’s life was turned upside down by a “terrifying” health diagnosis.

On Sunday night, NINA WADIA became the first celebrity to exit this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. Although viewers were disappointed to see the actress depart the show, she managed to make her friends and family proud. Her son Aidan, whose health diagnosis “turned [their]lives upside down,” was one individual who was prouder than most.

Aidan, who was 10 at the time, was drinking a lot of water and going to the bathroom more regularly while on vacation. Nina was initially unconcerned about the symptoms, and it wasn’t until her son fell and lost a significant amount of weight that she got concerned and cut her vacation short. After returning to the UK and visiting the hospital, physicians informed Aidan’s family that he was a type 1 diabetes.

“A finger prick test was done, and the nurse stated to us, ‘Did you not know he was type 1?'” Nina recounted when asked how they found out about the diagnosis.

“Type 1 what?” I exclaimed.

I was only aware of type 2 diabetes. My knees buckled as it was described what kind 1 was. I wasn’t expecting anything that serious or long-term.

“When Aidan found out what was going on, he sobbed uncontrollably. He then inquired as to whether he would still be allowed to consume his favorite Tropicana orange juice. At the very least, we found it amusing.” Nina described the situation as “terrible” as a mother since, despite symptoms, there was always a “reason” to explain why they were occurring.

“His eyes had rolled back into his head, he had fully collapsed,” Nina recalled of her son’s collapse. He was on the verge of death, and it was scary.” Aiden’s blood sugar level was also determined to be 23, although the typical blood sugar range is between four and seven.

Since her son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2010, Nina has been warned that living with the disease is “relentless.”

“A diagnosis has an impact not only on the person with type 1 diabetes, but also on their family,” Nina explained.

“We didn’t sleep for the first two years after he was diagnosed, before he got new technology.” We were getting up every three hours to see how he was doing. “Brinkwire Summary News”. We didn’t know if he was going to hypo [when blood sugar levels are too low]or hyper [when blood sugar levels are too high].


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