Nike’s CEO admits to killing an 18-year-old in a revenge assault and concealing the crime.


Larry Miller, who said he was a “straight-up gangbanger” by 16, claimed the fatal shooting of Edward Wight in Philadelphia in 1965 was retribution for a previous killing of a friend

The boss of Nike has revealed a 55-year-old secret by admitting that he gunned down an 18-year-old in Philadelphia when he was just 16.

Larry Miller, who said he was a “straight-up gangbanger” by 16, claimed the shooting of Edward Wight in 1965 was retribution for a previous killing of a friend.

The 72-year-old said he downed a bottle of wine and hit the streets with fellow members of Cedar Avenue gang in West Philly, looking for any member of their rival gang.

Miller said in an exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated: “We were all drunk. I was in a haze. Once it kind of set in, I was like, ‘Oh, s***, what have I done?’ It took years for me to understand the real impact of what I had done.

“That’s what makes it even more difficult for me because it was for no reason at all.

He added: “It’s like, I did this, and to someone, who – it was no reason to do it. And that’s the part that really bothers me.”

Miller decided to go public ahead of his upcoming book, “Jump: My Secret Journey From the Streets to the Boardroom,” which is set for release in early 2022. But he said he had his demons, too.

He explained: “It was eating me up inside. If I could go back and undo it, I would absolutely do that. I can’t.

“So all I can do is try to do what I can to help other people and try to maybe prevent this from happening to someone else.”

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He added: “[I worried] that somebody would tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, aren’t you …?’ Or, ‘Didn’t you…?’ And then everything would just kind of come crashing down.

“Just that pressure that was building up from keeping this inside and being afraid that it would come out and ruin everything.”

Miller studied and got an accounting degree from Temple University while he was in prison for the offence. He was reportedly arrested multiple times for various offences, and ended up spending time in juvenile detention or prison until age 30, SI reported.

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