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Nike and Dior’s sneakers sell for $13,000 on re-sale sites after 5 MILLION people registered to buy

Christian Dior and Nike’s new sneaker collaboration may be the most in-demand fashion buy of the year, with five million people signing up for a chance to purchase a pair — and some who missed out shelling out up to $20,000 to get them on re-sale sites. 

The French fashion house and the American sportswear brand were supposed to release the Air Jordan 1 High OG Dior sneaker — nicknamed Air Dior — in April, but pushed back the launch due to the pandemic.

The wait — and the fact that Kylie Jenner has already had her pair for months — only seems to have drummed up more anticipation, with millions clamoring for a chance to splash out $2,000 a pop for the athletic shoes, which were made in very limited quantities. 

The collaboration was first reviewed Dior’s Fall 2020 runway show in December 2019, and fans with cash to burn were expected to be able to shop the items — which also include ready-to-wear clothing and accessories — this spring. 

According to the Dior website, the entire collection ‘balances timeless silhouettes from the Jordan and Dior vaults while bringing new life to classic sport styles’. 

But while the entire collection became an instant must-have for monied fashion fanatics, the shoes have been particularly buzzworthy. 

The brands had scheduled an April launch, producing just 13,000 pairs of the Air Dior shoes — and offering 5,000 of those to top clients, who received a personal invitation to buy. 

One of those lucky clients was Kylie Jenner herself, who showed off the coveted sneakers on Instagram in April. 

Singer Ashanti also nabbed a pair, which she modeled on Instagram in May.  

But those special customers were the only ones who got the sneakers for months, with Dior and Nike putting the release of the other 8,000 pairs on hold due to the pandemic.

Finally, in late June, Dior directed shoppers to a website where they could register for the opportunity to buy the sneakers.   

Pietro Beccari, the CEO of Christian Dior, told WWD that five million people signed up in just nine hours.

Unfortunately, that means 4,992,000 people were out of luck, when all 8,000 pairs were quickly snapped up. 

The sneakers came in a low-top version for $2,000 and a high-top version for $2,200.

Now, though, they’re selling for even more on secondhand sites. 

On StockX so far, the current high bid for a pair of the sneakers is up to $13,000. Some sellers are hoping to get even more, with one selling a size-15 pair for $38,000.

Other sellers are asking for $25,000, $24,512, and $23,000. The lowest price is $10,089. 

However, the sky-high price doesn’t appear to have deterred controversial YouTuber Jake Paul from destroying a pair for a video stunt.

Earlier this month, he shared video of himself eating Reese’s Puffs with milk directly out of one of the shoes. 

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