Nightmare in the Kitchen Gordon Ramsay was chastised for asking £31.50 for fish and chips, which he described as a “rip-off.”


Nightmare in the Kitchen Gordon Ramsay was chastised for asking £31.50 for fish and chips, which he described as a “rip-off.”

GORDON RAMSAY has been chastised when it was revealed that his new restaurant will charge £31.50 for fish and chips.

The TV chef’s River Restaurant, which will open on Monday, October 11 at London’s Savoy Hotel, will have its own take on the iconic British dish. A sample menu indicated that “cider-battered gurnard, minted peas, warm tartare sauce” costs £24.50, in addition to a variety of gourmet seafood.

In addition, a side order of “Koffmann’s fries” will set you back a further £7, taking the total to £31.50.

The chef’s new endeavor, according to The Sun, will levy a 15% service charge, bringing the total price to an eye-watering £36.

Many people were quick to call out the exorbitant pricing when the 54-year-old chef uploaded a photo of the dinner on Instagram.

“£25 for that fish!!” wrote Aaron Jay Rock. For that price, I could eat for a week.” “Plus £7 more for chips!” Val Robson answered. Yes, it is correct.” “I’d much rather spend $15 (£11) on an entire lunch than $120 (£89) on a plate with three ounces of food on it,” Zаckary Parshall commented. “That looks absolutely horrible,” Richard Cabby stated.

“Putting a huge wedge of lemon in front of it doesn’t make it any better.”

Another teased, “I have some McCain oven chips in the freezer.”

“And then you have to go to McDonald’s straight after to genuinely feel full,” a fourth user named Alex said.

In their post, users Sam and Steven Smith also mentioned the small portion size.

“Wouldn’t fill up a sparrow,” they wrote. It’s gone in one bite.” “Beautifully classic, yet stylish and pleasant all-day eating restaurant,” according to the restaurant’s description.

“The River Restaurant features the finest shellfish and seafood the United Kingdom has to offer,” the description continues.

“From the raw bar’s fresh oysters, ceviche, and caviar to an exquisite à la carte menu featuring delicately spiced tandoori monkfish curry, swordfish schnitzel, and a whole baked Cornish turbot,” says the chef.

And, before of the restaurant’s debut, the well-known chef debuted a new look on his Instagram account.

In his most recent photo, he had a large scruffy beard and appeared unrecognizable.

“Winter’s coming, Father Christmas, I’m growing my beard,” he wrote beside the photo.


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