Nigel Farage was in stitches as Prince Harry was mocked in GQ: ‘This gobbledegook!’


Nigel Farage was in stitches as Prince Harry was mocked in GQ: ‘This gobbledegook!’

PRINCE Harry was mocked for his presence at the GQ Men of the Year Awards, when he gave a trophy to the AstraZeneca vaccine team but opted to spread “misinformation” about the vaccine on social media.

Angela Levin, a biographer and royal specialist for Prince Harry, spoke on GB News to criticize the Duke of Sussex’s appearance at the GQ awards and the “gobbledegook” speech he gave there. Ms Levin, who spent a lot of time with the Prince while researching his book, stated that Harry and Meghan acted like two different individuals who were victims one day and “gurus” the next. Presenter Nigel Farage could be seen giggling at Ms Levin’s appraisal of the royal couple, who spared no niceties.

The Duke of Sussex made an unexpected video appearance at the GQ Men of the Year Awards, where he dressed up in a tuxedo and presented the AstraZeneca team with the “Hero of the Year” award.

During the ceremony, though, Prince Harry gave a speech about vaccine reluctance and the spread of “misinformation” on social media.

“[These scientists] are the pride of our nation, and we are tremendously appreciative to their service,” he stated.

“The rest of us, including global governments, pharmaceutical executives, and business leaders, must continue to do our share.

“This must include the sharing of vaccine research as well as more flexibility in aiding and enabling poor countries.

“Where you are born should have no bearing on your capacity to survive when drugs and knowledge are available to keep you alive and well.”

“At the same time, families around the world are being inundated by masses of misinformation across the media and social media, where individuals who traffic in lies and fear are causing vaccination reluctance, which in turn leads to fractured communities and eroding trust,” Harry stated.

“If we are to combat COVID-19 and the risk of additional variants, we must dismantle this system.”

Ms Levin was summoned into Mr Farage’s nightly GB News broadcast, when he asked why Harry did not “stop up.”

“Well, both Harry and Meghan are desperate to be on the front pages, and the less interest we take on them, the more frantic they become,” she remarked.

“They split up.” – Brinkwire Summary News.


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