Nigel Farage only takes a few minutes into his new show before launching a vicious attack on Boris Johnson.


Nigel Farage only takes a few minutes into his new show before launching a vicious attack on Boris Johnson.

Only minutes into his brand new GB News broadcast, NIGEL FARAGE started an angry diatribe against Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Only minutes after starting his new job as a stat GB News broadcaster, Nigel Farage launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson. Following his pinging by the Covid track and trace NHS App on Sunday, the former Brexit Party leader blasted the Prime Minister for backtracking on the workplace pilot scheme that would have exempted Mr Johnson from isolation. Mr Farage urged Boris Johnson to “man up” and expand the workplace pilot to the entire UK.

“I want Boris Johnson to start demonstrating some leadership and stop being blown around by events,” Mr Farage remarked.

“It’s like this never-ending muddle and mess.

“Boris, step up and open up the workplace pilot to the entire country. Let’s free up the private sector and get the economy rolling.

“Let us keep people employed, and I believe the time has come to make that change.”

“I think they both got it wrong, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor,” the new GB News host remarked earlier.

“I believe they should have gone to work today,” says the author.

“I sincerely do,” says the speaker.

“They should have announced that the workplace pilot will be expanded to every private enterprise in the country this week.

“Where personnel may go if they’ve been pinged, have a lateral flow test, and if it comes back negative… And, of course, the most of them will be jabbed twice.

“And they may continue to work, and those production lines will continue to operate,” he continued.

“The pubs, as well as the restaurant, would remain open.”

Mr Farage also took aim at former GB News presenter Guto Harri during his opening remarks on the show.

Mr Harri was fired from GB News after taking a knee on broadcast, which was deemed a “breach” of the channel’s standards.

“And yes, there was a part-time presenter who made a political gesture that would not be tolerated on any UK station, and he’s gone – those are the negatives,” Mr Farage said.

“However, what about the advantages? What brings me here? Why have I decided to really commit to GB News? Not only to come in on a Sunday morning, but to debut this show tonight, Farage, and I’ll.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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