Nigel Farage has joined the team at GB News! As the channel undergoes a makeover, the Brexit chief will get a primetime show.


Nigel Farage has joined the team at GB News! As the channel undergoes a makeover, the Brexit chief will get a primetime show.

NIGEL Farage has announced a primetime show on GB News, as the upstart channel prepares to make significant adjustments following a rocky start.

The Sunday Express has heard that GB News will return in September, following a turbulent week for the fledgling station, which saw its head of news John McAndrew quit. New studio sets have been set up ahead of time to begin this week, to coincide with the premiere of Mr Farage’s new hour-long prime time politics show, which will air Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m.

Meanwhile, in the coming weeks, they will begin broadcasting hourly news headlines as well as a variety of programming adjustments.

With video uploads, there are also aims to increase viewer involvement.

Executive Producer Christian Mitchell, who formerly worked with Nigel Farage at LBC, told the Sunday Express that it was critical for the channel to “remain faithful to the British character of grit, honesty, and boldness.”

“Because we’re small, we can listen to our fans and respond quickly,” he explained. We listen to their suggestions for improvements and modifications and act on them. People are aware that we are paying attention.”

The channel is happy with the viewership figures, which do not correspond to typical broadcast metrics based on the presence of television sets.

More than 200,000 people have downloaded the new app and are now watching the show digitally, according to Mr Mitchell, implying that official broadcast figures are inaccurate.

Neil Oliver’s comments about vaccinations for children were watched by 25,000 people on live TV, but 1.7 million more on Twitter, and hundreds of thousands more on Facebook and YouTube, according to him.

These “viral moments” are becoming increasingly prevalent on GB News, which is never afraid to discuss the true problems of the British public.

“Because they’re from there, our local correspondents all throughout the country are highly tuned into their areas,” he said. “When something is truly authentic, people can tell.”

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback. Despite the fact that the media has been critical of us at times, viewers have shown a great deal of support and encouragement. They’re glad we’ve arrived.”

He claimed that the channel’s initial issues were being worked out.

He explained, “All start-ups are rocky at first, and we expected this.” “We’ve had some technological issues.” Brinkwire Summary News


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