Nigel Farage had the highest combined viewership of Sky and BBC News – ‘GB News will go further!’


Nigel Farage had the highest combined viewership of Sky and BBC News – ‘GB News will go further!’

As the former Brexit Party leader clobbers the media landscape, NIGEL FARAGE has topped Sky and BBC News.

Mr Farage has caused GB News’ viewing ratings to surge since he launched his weeknight show, after the channel struggled in its early days. According to the most recent numbers, Mr Farage’s show drew 145,100 viewers last night, outnumbering both the BBC and Sky News combined. 113,100 and 29,000 viewers watched BBC News and Sky News, respectively.

Guido Fawkes claimed that his evening show peaked at 157,000 viewers, the biggest it has ever been.

Mr Farage reacted to the news by claiming that the channel has a lot more to accomplish because it outperforms the BBC and Sky.

“I am really pleased with the growth of these numbers, and I was shocked to surpass Sky and the BBC news channel combined last night,” he said.

“GB News will go a long way.”

On June 20, Mr Farage joined GB News, where he will present a Sunday morning show called “The Political Correction.”

Following Guto Harri’s departure from the channel, Mr Farage took over a 7pm slot from Monday to Thursday.

“Since politics, I have done a fair bit of broadcasting and broadcasting matters,” Mr Farage said at the time, commenting on the announcement. It is undeniably true.

“It encourages people to think about issues in new ways and can have a significant impact.

“I’ve had millions of people view my videos on YouTube, and I’ve frequently covered subjects that everyone else wants to ignore.”

His new show was part of a larger reorganization at GB News.

Simon McCoy, a former BBC correspondent, has been shifted from his afternoon stint to the morning slot alongside Kirsty Gallacher.

Colin Brazier, an ex-Sky news host, has also been brought in to replace GB News chairman Andrew Neil.

In June, only two weeks after the channel’s launch, Mr Neil took a step back from GB News.

“That’s it for me for the next few weeks,” Mr Neil stated at the time.

“I’ll be back before the end of the summer, and I’ll show up when you least expect it, so keep tuned.

“After the rigors of the launch, I’m merely taking a break to recharge my batteries.

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