‘Nicola, the majority of Scots support the Union!’ The ‘independence threat,’ according to Sturgeon, will fail once more.


‘Nicola, the majority of Scots support the Union!’ The ‘independence threat,’ according to Sturgeon, will fail once more.

According to an analyst, NICOLA STURGEON has been attacked again for threatening independence, despite the fact that the majority of Scots want to remain in the Union.

The SNP, according to GB News broadcaster Neil Oliver, must accept the truth that the majority of Scots do not want an independence vote and would prefer to remain in the Union. In an interview with Dan Wootton on GB News, he claimed that the SNP turns everything into “piles of doo-doo.” Dan Wootton, the show’s host, suggested that Nicola Sturgeon may not plan to pursue an independence referendum.

He speculated that she might be saying it to appease her party’s loyal supporters.

“This is red meat for the base, Neil,” he remarked.

“Perhaps Nicola will not carry out the vote since we know it will be contested in court and will be worthless.

“It doesn’t matter if Nicola Sturgeon wants it or not,” Mr Oliver replied.

“The difficulty for Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party is that the majority of people want the union and have always wanted it.

“I have often stated that the referendum result in 2014 was 55 percent in favor of remaining in the Union.

“Out of 32 local council regions, 28 voted to keep the Union.

“There are a few blips here and there, but that is the truth in general.

“The majority, as far as I can tell from the people who approach me and speak to me, want the Union.

“They keep coming up to me and ranting about yet another referendum threat.”

Mr Oliver also emphasized Ms Sturgeon’s attempt to use the Covid recovery as a political weapon against Westminster.

“Nicola argued that with her leading the way, Scotland would be better able to recover from Covid.

“It’s completely false; she and the SNP have no experience running profitable businesses at all.

“Nicola Sturgeon worked as a solicitor for a few years before quitting to pursue a career in politics full-time.

“She hasn’t worked in a business before.”

Mr Oliver concluded by criticizing the Scottish National Party (SNP) and its record as the country’s most powerful political party.


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