Nicola Sturgeon’s ambition of joining the EU has been dashed as member nations reject Scotland’s trade drive.


Nicola Sturgeon’s ambition of joining the EU has been dashed as member nations reject Scotland’s trade drive.

COVID-19 may jeopardize NICOLA STURGEON’S aspirations of securing an EU trade increase, as member states “turn inside” rather than looking for fresh export potential.

The EU appears to be looking forward to the idea of an independent Scotland, with the bloc’s UK ambassador declaring himself “proud” of Scottish backing for Brussels. Last month, diplomat Joo Vale de Almeida told The New York Times that the bloc must be “ready for change” in the relationship between the four countries. “I don’t know what our connection will be in 20 years,” Vale de Almeida stated when asked about the EU-UK relationship and the UK’s future. I’m not sure how the EU will look in 20 years.

“And it’s possible that I don’t know what your Union will be like in 20 years.

“Who knows?” says the speaker. As a result, we must be flexible.”

He went on to say, “I’m happy of the EU’s and the European project’s backing in Scotland.”

Ms. Sturgeon is eager to re-enter the EU as an independent Scotland, but experts have warned of potential roadblocks.

Journalist and author John Lloyd has warned that the SNP’s plot to blame the EU for trade losses in the UK will fail.

“About 60% of Scottish exports go to the rest of the UK, and about 17% go to the EU, the US, and other places,” he said.

“While the EU is eight to ten times the size of the UK, the truth remains that Scotland sells the majority of its goods and services to the rest of the UK.

“It hasn’t really reached Europe yet — it’s still a minor part of its export strategy.”

Furthermore, Mr Lloyd cautioned that the epidemic could cause European countries to turn inwards, prioritizing local projects over new trade potential.

As a result, Scotland may not benefit as much from additional EU trade as Ms Sturgeon anticipates.

“[If Scotland rejoined the EU], it would get access to the bloc’s markets,” he continued. Europe, like the rest of the world, will be attempting to recover from the consequences of Covid in a variety of ways and at varying paces.

“As a result, EU members will be more inclined to look inside and prioritize their own projects above large-scale export initiatives.

“It’ll be a challenge.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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