Nicola Sturgeon: “The independence of Scotland has never been about separatism”


NICOLA Sturgeon maintained that “never about separatism” was Scottish independence while promising that the nation might “soon” rejoin the family of the European Union.

The argument was “ridiculous” by the Scottish Tories, and that the “whole agenda” of the SNP was about separatism and pushing a wedge into the center of the country.

The First Minister said, however, that leaving the United Kingdom would help to “preserve the internationalist, welcoming European ethos held by so many people in Scotland,” which is threatened by Brexit.

She said Scotland’s forced withdrawal from the EU was the result of successive British governments going in the wrong direction, following a 62-38 vote to stay in 2016.

She said, “It’s no wonder so many people in Scotland are fed up,”

The statements made by Ms. Sturgeon, published in an article on the website of Politico Europe, coincided with the first day of the consummation of Brexit and the new period of trade between the UK and its largest market.

At 11 p.m., the UK completed its separation from Brussels. On Hogmanay, despite having already entered the political union at the end of January 2020, leaving the single market and the customs union.

Commerce between the U.K. The 1,246-page deal, which was negotiated on Christmas Eve and signed into law in Westminster on Wednesday, now controls the largest sector.

Ms. Sturgeon tweeted a minute after the move came on Thursday night, “Scotland will be back soon, Europe. Keep the lights on.”

In her Politico post, which made it clear that Brexit would be a key problem this year in the SNP’s Holyrood election campaign, she elaborated on it.

She wrote: “The idea of independence from Scotland was never about separatism.”

Instead, it’s about people’s right to select the type of government that suits their needs best. Given the danger that Brexit poses to the internationalist and accepting European ethos that so many people in Scotland share, that right has never been more important than it is now.

We are comfortable with different identities, and not only our closest neighbors, but also our closest friends will always be the other nations of the United Kingdom,”We are comfortable with multiple identities and the other countries of the United Kingdom will always be not only our closest neighbors but also our closest friends,”

But successive UK governments have taken Scotland in the wrong direction for too long, culminating in Brexit and the implementation of legislation which threatened to violate international law and continues to weaken the Scottish Parliament.

“It’s no wonder so many people in Scotland are fed up.”

As an independent member of the European Union, Scotland will be a partner and a bridge builder,” she continued, “not only a bridge to create a stronger economy and a fairer community, but a bridge to build understanding between the EU and the UK.

“More and more people in Scotland believe that our aspirations can best be met if we continue to contribute to the shared endeavor and solidarity that is the EU,” he said.

We can now do this only as an independent member state because of Brexit.

For almost 50 years, we have been in the family of nations which is the European Union.

“We didn’t want to leave and we hope to be back soon as an equal partner as we face the opportunities and challenges of the future together.”

Ms. Sturgeon has again ruled out a wildcat referendum in a letter to her impatient party supporters if Mr. Johnson decides to obstruct Indyref2.

“We are committed to a legal, constitutional path to becoming an independent state.”

The entire policy of the SNP is about separatism and pushing a major wedge into the center of our country, and it is absurd for the First Minster to pretend otherwise,” a Scottish Conservative spokeswoman said.”

“In fields such as health and education, their fascination with separating Scotland from the UK often comes before the day-to-day problems facing Scots, and that includes fighting the pandemic.

“The SNP’s divisive agenda was clear for all to see when they voted for a no-deal Brexit and against the government’s deal. This is something they said they would never do, but then did, just so they could stand up to the UK government.”

Ms. Sturgeon also tried to separate the SNP from nationalism in 2017 and wished that its name could be changed.

She said it was at the International Book Festival in Edinburgh.


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