Nicola Sturgeon, on the verge of an SNP mutiny over the Greens’ pact: ‘Dangerous!’


Nicola Sturgeon, on the verge of an SNP mutiny over the Greens’ pact: ‘Dangerous!’

Many in her Scottish National Party (SNP) are fuming at the thought of a pact with the Scottish Greens, and NICOLA STURGEON could face a rebellion.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, is close to reaching an agreement with the Scottish Greens in order to strengthen her hand in the fight for independence. The SNP almost lost out on a majority in the Scottish elections in May by one seat. There is a pro-referendum majority in Holyrood, with the Scottish Greens also supporting calls for an independence referendum. According to the Guardian, the SNP-Greens agreement will fall short of a full coalition like the one formed by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in 2010 under David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Green Party members may be appointed to cabinet positions in the Scottish government, according to reports.

However, as The Times reported in June, this suggestion infuriated some members of the SNP.

According to the story, at least one SNP minister has described the Greens as “dangerous” to friends and questioned their lack of political experience in the wake of suggestions that they could be handed government roles.

“We are well aware of the concerns,” a senior SNP official stated, “but the government will not give in to the Greens’ more radical demands.”

The environment and the climate problem are the primary policy issues that could pit the SNP and the Greens against each other.

Some members of Ms Sturgeon’s party, including the First Minister, appear to be receptive to policy adjustments.

The Green Party has previously asked that Ms Sturgeon put an end to North Sea oil exploration, and environmentalists have spoken out against the proposed Cambo oilfield development, which is located 77 miles north-west of Shetland.

The Scottish government has suggested that it will not oppose Cambo’s licence, despite previously refusing to support Green proposals for an end to North Sea exploration and drilling.

Officials from the Scottish government claim that Ms Sturgeon is powerless to modify the decision since UK politicians are in charge of oil licensing.

The North Sea oil crisis, on the other hand, might derail a deal: according to Green party rules, a Holyrood pact must be approved by the party’s members at a special conference before it can take effect, and failure to make a clear commitment on this topic could constitute a red line for Green members.

The agreement has been reached, according to the Telegraph this week. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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