Nicola Sturgeon launches a stinging attack on Brexit, calling shortages “shameful.”


Nicola Sturgeon launches a stinging attack on Brexit, calling shortages “shameful.”

NICOLA Sturgeon launched a blistering attack on Brexit and the UK government ahead of MSPs voting in new Green Party junior ministers, blaming Brexit for HGV driver shortages and empty shelves.

Nicola Sturgeon spoke in Holyrood, where Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, co-leaders of the Green Party, were present to be voted in as junior ministers as part of the SNP’s new power-sharing deal. During her speech, however, Ms Sturgeon stated that Scotland must address the Brexit “crisis,” which she claimed had resulted in labor shortages across the country, causing stores to run out of supplies. Ms Sturgeon voiced her support for the Green Party as she hoped to establish a strong future for Scotland, and the chamber erupted in applause amid her censure of Westminster.

Ms Sturgeon slammed Brexit in Holyrood, saying that the best future for Scotland was one that was independent from Westminster and green.

As politicians cheered in the background, she told MSPs that labor shortages across the UK were a “direct and terrible effect of the Brexit debacle.”

“We must protect our Parliament against power grabs by the UK government, which are eroding the fundamental foundations on which it was founded,” she concluded.

“And as we do so, we recognize that the greatest approach to protect this parliament from Westminster while still giving it the full powers it requires to establish a better, more affluent country is to give it the entire powers it requires.

“It is to establish this parliament as an independent body from Westminster.

“That is why a major component of our agreement is to fulfill our democratic mandate of allowing the Scottish people to determine our own path.

“These are the unavoidable issues we face, and how we respond will shape Scotland now and for decades to come.

“In the face of these enormous difficulties, for which we all have responsibility, our politics might appear petty, polarized, divided, and focused on self-interest rather than national interest.

“Perhaps I’m already seeing evidence of that today.

“If we are to meet the moment, we must all attempt to approach politics differently, and the Scottish Government and the Scottish Greens assume responsibility for that in this agreement.”

The new deal between the Greens and the SNP falls short of forming a formal coalition, but it will allow Green lawmakers to serve in top government positions for the first time. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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