Nicola Sturgeon is on the verge of losing her job as the SNP’s unrecorded meetings “reveal a culture of sleaze.”


Nicola Sturgeon is on the verge of losing her job as the SNP’s unrecorded meetings “reveal a culture of sleaze.”

Reports of the Scottish Government’s unrecorded meetings have shown a “culture of sleaze and secrecy at the heart of the SNP,” according to critics of NICOLA STURGEON.

Any face-to-face meetings between ministers or advisers and outside organizations must be registered by anyone seeking to lobby under Scotland’s Lobbying Act 2016. Calls made over the phone or initiated by ministers, on the other hand, are not need to be registered under the law. It is also not necessary to register for contact via email or messaging apps.

The Herald and investigative site the Ferret claimed on Monday that Scottish Government officials held “hundreds” of meetings that were not disclosed to the register.

According to the sites, certain Scottish ministers spoke with companies awarded contracts to supply the NHS during the coronavirus epidemic in 2020.

Lobbyists have met with Scottish Government members 179 times since March 2018, according to the Ferret.

The Scottish Government stated that it is “dedicated to transparency,” adding that “all ministerial encounters are documented and published, including phone calls.”

The legislation should be “looked at,” according to Neil Bibby, Scottish Labour’s business manager.

“These allegations raise major doubts about the suitability of Scotland’s lobbying laws,” he said.

“It is evident that the SNP is exploiting loopholes to avoid scrutiny, with countless critical meetings going unrecorded.

“These blatant attempts to undercut the spirit of the lobbying act are all too typical of an administration that avoids full transparency at all costs.

“The laws must be examined, but legislation can only go so far as long as the SNP has a culture of sleaze and secrecy at its core.”

Scottish Conservative chief whip Stephen Kerr also stated that the “gaps” should be remedied “immediately.”

“It is all too typical of their approach in seeking for any method to evade public scrutiny on their conduct or who they are interacting with,” he said, slamming the Scottish government.

“These discussions must be recorded and documented, or else SNP ministers will be forced to explain what they are withholding from the public.

“These loopholes in current lobbying regulations must be filled as soon as possible.

“This will help to ensure complete transparency around these meetings, ensuring that the public is fully informed of the SNP government’s lobbying activities.”

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