Nicola Sturgeon has called on Boris Johnson to visit Edinburgh for a showdown.


Nicola Sturgeon has called on Boris Johnson to visit Edinburgh for a showdown.

NICOLA Sturgeon has asked Boris Johnson to Bute House for urgent coronavirus recovery talks, just hours after her party announced that she would pursue a second independence vote next month.

The Scottish First Minister, in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, expressed her desire for a cooperative debate on how to effectively recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We differ politically, but our governments must work together where we can,” Ms Sturgeon continued in a tweet this afternoon.

It comes as a leaked agenda for the SNP’s conference next month revealed that the party intends to pass motions accelerating plans for a second independence referendum.

Another motion states that after a “clear conclusion” to the pandemic, legislation for a second referendum should be put into the Scottish Parliament “at the earliest time.”

However, during the May election for the Scottish Parliament, the SNP stated that they would not seek a second referendum within the first 100 days.

Nicola Sturgeon has been accused by Holyrood opposition parties of breaching her promise to Scottish voters to fight for a second independence referendum.

According to reports, the Prime Minister will travel to Scotland later this week. I invited him to Bute House to talk Covid/recovery because this would be our first opportunity to meet in person in a long time. Our political views differ, but our governments must cooperate where possible.

“Nicola Sturgeon committed not to campaign for another divisive referendum for at least 100 days after the Scottish Parliament election,” said Donald Cameron MSP, Scottish Conservative Constitution spokesperson. That pledge has already been broken.

“This draft conference agenda demonstrates that the SNP is openly seeking to divide the country.

“Rather than focusing on Covid recovery and job protection, they’re strategizing ways to divide people at the most inopportune time, just as an economic crisis threatens.

“Once again, the SNP’s eyes are off the ball.

“They won’t concentrate on the important issues and put aside their narrow and self-serving political objectives for even a hundred days, let alone the duration of the Scottish Parliament term.

“We are constructing Scotland’s true alternative to the SNP in order to put a stop to the era in which employment, schools, drug fatalities, and every other important problem are pushed aside by the nationalists’ obsession with another referendum.”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” said Pamela Nash, chief executive of the pro-Union campaign organization Scotland in Union.


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