Nicola, in your dreams! Boris uses a cruel ‘gingerbread’ joke to bring Sturgeon down to size.


Nicola, in your dreams! Boris uses a cruel ‘gingerbread’ joke to bring Sturgeon down to size.

As the party pushes for a second independence referendum, Boris Johnson claims Nicola Sturgeon’s political luster is fading.

Following a succession of policy decisions and perceived failures, the Prime Minister warned a Scottish Tory reception on Sunday that the Scottish First Minister was losing popularity.

The handling of the Scottish Ambulance crisis by the SNP, as well as the introduction of vaccine passports north of the border, are examples.

“I feel the gilding is slipping off the gingerbread of Scottish nationalists,” he told attendees.

In May’s Holyrood election, the Prime Minister thanked the Scottish Conservatives for denying the SNP an overall majority.

“It’s the first time I’ve been able to thank you all in person for the courageous act of denying the SNP the majority they so desperately desired,” he remarked.

He said he was happy to attend an event in person with his Scottish colleagues where participants may “touch hands and exchange bodily fluids,” an apparent jab at Scotland’s COVID-19 limitations.”

Mr Johnson also took a go at Alex Salmond, the former leader of the Scottish National Party, whose Alba party failed to win any seats in the Holyrood election.

“The glitter is fading from ancient Twinkle Toes,” he claimed.

When it came to Labour, Mr Johnson emphasized that Sir Keir Starmer could only become Prime Minister if he formed a “crazy” alliance with the SNP.

“Did you see Labour last week in Brighton?” he asked a jubilant throng.

What a wonderful thing it was. It was a complete shambles.

“It reminded me of a nervous bus operator attempting to cope with an insurgency on the vehicle’s upper deck.”

“Can we put our country’s government in the hands of a highly split party that has no idea where it’s heading, essentially a mob of Lefties, Corbynista Lefties, apathetically and ineffectively directed by an Islingtonian cabal? That is exactly what they are.” In the meantime, fellow Tory Oliver Dowden described Ms Sturgeon as a “giant among pygmies” in the SNP when it comes to leadership qualifications.

Mr Dowden, a co-chairman of the Conservative Party, took aim at Ms Sturgeon as he revealed his plans to win seats in Scotland after she is no longer the SNP leader.

“I do believe there’s a great chance for us in Scotland for a lot of reasons,” Mr Dowden said at the party’s conference in Manchester “..


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