Nick Ferrari is in a squabble with the Civil Service Union over home-working, which he calls “inacceptable!”


Nick Ferrari is in a squabble with the Civil Service Union over home-working, which he calls “inacceptable!”

LBC host Nick Ferrari clashed with a Civil Service union president, who claimed that rumors that a government minister sought to decrease pay for civil workers working from home were fabricated to incite resentment among the workforce.

Nick Ferrari asked Dave Penman of the FDA union to talk about rumours that an unnamed minister suggested civil servants’ salaries be lowered if they refused to return to work. Mr Penman disputed the reports by claiming that the tale was simply leaked to produce “civil servant bashing headlines,” and that many civil workers were ready to return. As the two men began to dispute, a cross Nick Ferrari remarked that roughly three-quarters of civil workers were still working from home and that many of them were not doing a good enough job considering the last year in the UK.

According to the Daily Mail, an unnamed minister suggested that civil servants’ pay be slashed if they did not return to work, despite the government’s efforts to find secure means for them to return.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak personally appealed with many Britons to stop working from home several weeks before the report, claiming that meeting and conversing with people face-to-face would improve their career prospects.

The report has infuriated federal servants, who claim that it doesn’t matter “where they sit” and that the government has more pressing concerns.

“I think many civil servants wake up startled at these headlines, the kind of shameful remarks from an anonymous minister insulting civil servants,” Mr Penman said on LBC.

“Because the vast majority of government servants truly want to return to work, the research suggests that most people prefer a balance of working from home and working in the office.

“I get the impression this is a bit silly season stuff for ministers looking for cheap civil service bashing headlines.”

Mr Ferrari disagreed, claiming that over 75% of civil officials in the Department of Education continue to work from home.

He went on to say that it was “not good enough” given that the education sector was currently experiencing a hectic period owing to exams and the return to school.

Mr Penman claimed that employees could work efficiently from home, but Mr Ferrari questioned if the Department was capable of doing so. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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