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NHS worker investigated after claiming coronavirus is ‘a load of b*****ks’ & saying she did ‘f*** all’ during the crisis

AN NHS worker is being investigated after claiming coronavirus is “a load of b*****ks” and saying she did “f*** all” during the pandemic.

Louise Hampton, who works for Care UK, said her service had been “dead” throughout the Covid crisis, while slamming a certificate she’d been given to thank her for her efforts.

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In a video posted on her Facebook page, Ms Hampton slams what she calls her “certificate of bollocks”, congratulating her for having “made a difference to patients” and the NHS Covid-19 response.

She says: “I’m an actual NHS worker and apparently I worked really hard during Covid. Did I b*****ks. That’s why it’s a certificate of b*****ks.

“Our service was dead. We weren’t getting the calls, it was dead. Covid is a load of b*****ks, so this is my certificate of b*****ks.

“I didn’t clap for the NHS, I didn’t clap for myself. Because why would I clap for myself when I did f*** all?”

The video quickly racked up nearly half a million views across Facebook and Twitter.

Responding in a statement, Care UK said: “We are aware of this video, which we consider to be materially inaccurate in a number of ways, and can confirm that a member of staff is subject to investigation.

“We expect all our colleagues and services to support the work of the NHS in giving the public the right information and support during the pandemic.

“Our call centres were, in fact, exceptionally busy, handling a peak of 400% more calls than usual.

“Our teams showed huge commitment and dedication in delivering the service, and we have rightly thanked them for the efforts they have made.”

The NHS worker later posted a picture from a Covid denier’s march in London, which called for an end to “government lies” over the pandemic.

Large crowds gathered in Trafalgar Square yesterday holding signs claiming the virus is a “hoax” and a “scam”.

Other placards read: “No to mandatory vaccines!”

Sharing a photo from the scene, Ms Hampton wrote: “35,000 + crowd in London’s Trafalgar Square yesterday! Amazing energy! So proud of London and Berlin!”

It seems she even spoke publicly at the event, with one fan commenting: “Well done Louise! Wish you could have spoken a bit longer on the mic but what an electric atmosphere!”

Another added: “You were inspiring, good to see someone on social media, sticking to their guns and telling s*** like it is!”

It comes after millions of routine medical procedures were cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis with hospitals now said to be playing catch up.

In June, it was revealed thousands of Brits were at risk of bowel cancer after one million screening tests were missed because of the pandemic.

Two million NHS operations were cancelled back in April, and experts now warn the service could take up to four years to return to normal.

The Sun Online has approached Ms Hampton and Care UK for comment.

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