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NHL Fixtures

Jul 27 (OPTA) – NHL schedules for this week Tuesday, July 28 schedules (EST/GMT) Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (1600/2000) Toronto at Montreal (2000/0000) Edmonton at Calgary (2230/0230) Wednesday, July 29 schedules (EST/GMT) Tampa Bay at Florida (1200/1600) Colorado at Minnesota (1430/1830) Carolina at Washington (1600/2000) St. Louis at Chicago (1830/2230) NY Islanders at NY Rangers (2000/0000) Vancouver at Winnipeg (2230/0230) Thursday, July 30 schedules (EST/GMT) Nashville at Dallas (1600/2000) Boston at Columbus (1900/2300) Las Vegas at Arizona (2200/0200) Saturday, August 1 schedules (EST/GMT) NY Rangers at Carolina (1200/1600) Chicago at Edmonton (1500/1900) Florida at NY Islanders (1600/2000) Montreal at Pittsburgh (2000/0000) Winnipeg at Calgary (2230/0230) Sunday, August 2 schedules (EST/GMT) Arizona at Nashville (1400/1800) Philadelphia at Boston (1500/1900) St. Louis at Colorado (1830/2230) Columbus at Toronto (2000/0000) Minnesota at Vancouver (2230/0230) Monday, August 3 schedules (EST/GMT) NY Rangers at Carolina (1200/1600) Winnipeg at Calgary (1430/1830) Washington at Tampa Bay (1600/2000) Dallas at Las Vegas (1830/2230) Montreal at Pittsburgh (2000/0000)

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