NGO says pressure growing on Australia to cut emmissions

The head of an environmental group in the Pacific says Australia is facing increasing pressure to act on its committment to climate change now that it has signed the security agreement in Nauru.

Fenton Lutuatabua from the 350 organisation said Australia now needs to come up with a better plan to reduce their carbon emmissions by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

He said inundation from sea level rise, devastating cyclones, massive flooding, and droughts from climate change are being felt across the region.

He said there is really strong Pacific leadership around climate action.

“I think even the Tuvaluan MP called climate change a weapon of mass destruction. And we’ve seen Pacific leaders from Fiji, the Marshall Islands and Samoa call on Australia publicly to act in the interests of their island neighbours, and especially where I think Australia being the world’s largest coal exporter,” said Fenton Lutuatabua.

Mr Lutuatabua said there would be a series of climate related public events across the Pacific on September 8 to encourage awareness and push towards 100 percent renewable energy in the region.


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