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NFL star Derrius Guice ‘accused of raping two college students while he was an LSU freshman in 2016’

NFL star Derrius Guice has been “accused of raping two college students while he was a Louisiana State University freshman in 2016.”

The accusation, made just months apart in 2016, were aired to at least two coaches and an athletic administrator – but the claims did not appear to have been investigated by the school, USA Today reported.

Guice’s attorney, Pete Greenspun, denied the allegations and told the outlet: “At no time were allegations of physical or sexual assault brought against Derrius during his years as a student athlete at LSU.

“To bring up such assertions only after the Virginia charges were initiated certainly calls into question the credibility, nature and timing of what is being alleged years later.”

The attorney added that the claims are “speculation and innuendo” and insisted that Guice, should not have to “make any comment at all” about them.

“But he wants to be absolutely clear. The allegations in this story are just that and have no basis in fact.”

One of the accusers, a former LSU tennis player, described her allegations in a June lawsuit and spoke with investigators for the Washington Football Team on August 6 – just one day before Guice’s arrest.

The two women said that Guice sexually assault them in their apartments after they had been drinking, the outlet reported.

One claimed that Guice showed up uninvited to a party that she hosted and raped her as she slept in her bedroom.

“I was drunk and passed out on my bed,” the woman said. “I never gave him consent. I never wanted to have sex with him. I don’t even remember except the flashbacks I had. I just wonder sometimes, does he even know that that was wrong?”

However, the second woman, a former tennis player claimed that Guice raped her after meeting her in a bar.

She said that she reported the rape to the school’s Title IX office but said it was not investigated and that she did not receive a copy of the report that she asked for as recently as last week.

The other woman said that LSU emailed her after a friend reported the alleged incident and asked if she would like to file a formal complaint, which she did not, according to the outlet.

Neither of the women reported the alleged attacks to the police.

University officials said in a statement: “Formal complaints are promptly and fully investigated and the rights and privacy of students are protected as stipulated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

“Complainants are also strongly encouraged to report the offense to law enforcement and are provided information on health care, counseling and supportive measures available.”

A spokesman for the NFL told the New York Post that it wasn’t aware of sexual assault allegations against Guice until this month.

Guice, 23, was arrested on domestic violence charges on August 7 and subsequently released from the team.

He turned himself over to police in Leesburg, Virginia, shortly after 5pm, the Washington Post reported. 

His charges include one count of strangulation, three counts of assault and battery and one count of destruction of property, according to the Loudoun County Sheriffs Department.

The football team got wind that Guice was involved in possible domestic violence on Thursday and flagged the NFL right away, then met with the player to excuse him while they conducted a review. 

Soon after multiple charges against Guice emerged, the team released a statement announcing he was being let go.

“This afternoon we learned that there were multiple charges filed against Derrius,” the team’s statement read.

“Upon review of the nature of these charges and following internal discussions, we have decided to release Derrius immediately.”

The charges Guice faces are connected to alleged domestic violence incidents in February, March and April, ESPN reported. 

According to the sheriff’s department, the incidents all happened at Guice’s house in Ashburn, Virginia, and first came to light on July 22. 

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