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Newsreader reveals how she lost her baby live on air – and had to finish before going to hospital

A newsreader has shared her heart-wrenching experience of miscarrying live on air and having to finish the segment before seeking medical help. 

TVNZ presenter and journalist Miriama Kamo featured in the latest episode of Misconceptions, an online video series about losing a pregnancy.

In part six, which aired on Monday, the award-winning broadcaster described how she lost a baby at work while on camera in front of the nation. 

‘I lost a pregnancy when I was reading the news,’Ms Kamo said, the NZ Herald reports.

‘I remember the cameras were all playing up that night – and I was like ”I can’t believe this camera has gone, now that’s one gone down, I’m losing my baby, I’ve got one camera left – I’ve got to get to the end of this bulletin and then deal with this”.’

Misconceptions is a ten-part video-based online series made by Digital Alchemist and funded by NZ On Air which aims to ‘break down the myths and provide practical help’ for those who have experienced the trauma of having a miscarriage. 

The series features stories of well-known New Zealand personalities as well as couples who have lost pregnancies.

Episode six, Accessing Support, focuses on where women and their families can go to receive help and advice following a miscarriage.

GP Cathy Stephenson said a lot of couples fall through the cracks and are not advised of where to access support. 

‘In most parts of New Zealand your pregnancy is managed by a midwife, not by your GP, but a lot of people can’t get in to a midwife until they are 12 weeks, so you may feel like – I don’t really know where to go,’ she said.  

Families also spoke about how the terminology around losing a baby, which is determined by the medical stage in which it occurred, can further increase feelings of isolation.  

‘It was termed an ‘incomplete abortion’ – something almost less than human,’ said grieving mother Kathryn Stothers, who lost her child before 12 weeks.

Unfortunately, loss of a baby is quite common- with one in four pregnancies in Australia and New Zealand ending in miscarriage.   

Ms Kamo, 46, has spoken publicly her battle to have children after suffering through six miscarriages and being diagnosed with endometriosis.

In 2011, Ms Kamo, who presents TVNZ current affairs programme Sunday, and Māori current affairs programme Marae, gave birth to a daughter Te Rerehua Kamo Dreaver, now nine, with husband Michael Dreaver.

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